Pool Maintenance: What to Do to Keep Your Pool Squeaky Clean

Pool maintenance keeps your pool looking fantastic, but it also helps prevent algae and bacteria growth, which can cause surfaces to become slippery.

Keeping your pool clean and well maintained is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment in a backyard oasis. Here are some steps to make sure you have a sparkling clean pool.

Put Focus Around the Pool Pump

The pool pump is the most challenging working component of your pool, and it’s essential to give it some extra attention during the maintenance process. Check the pump basket regularly to ensure it isn’t clogged with leaves or other debris.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s also good to backwash the filter. This will help remove any build-up that has accumulated over time.

Get Skimming

skimmer basket catches leaves

The skimmer basket catches leaves and other debris before it has a chance to clog up your pool pump. It’s essential to clean it out regularly, especially during the fall when leaves are falling into the pool daily.

Skimming is an essential part of pool maintenance because it helps remove leaves, bugs, and other debris from the water’s surface.

This keeps your pool looking clean and prevents these items from sinking to the bottom, where they can decompose and cause problems with your filtration system. Invest in a good quality skimmer and make sure to use it regularly.

Invest in Stain Removers

One of the best ways to keep your pool looking great is to invest in a good quality stain remover. There are various stain removers on the market, so it’s essential to research and find one that works best for your specific needs.

Some pool stains can be tough to remove, but it doesn’t have to with the stain removers.

The best part is that you can even get rid of the staining without draining it away from the pool water. With effective products, you don’t even have to do acid washing.

If you want to buy a stain treatment kit, always target the top brands in the market. They are not only practical but also user-friendly.

You want something that gives you value for money and works perfectly to provide you with the desired results. A good place to start is reading online reviews from other pool owners who have used the product.

Do Brushing and Vacuuming

In addition to skimming the water’s surface, you should also brush and vacuum the entire pool every week. This will help remove any dirt or debris that has settled on the bottom or sides of the pool.

It’s essential to vacuum slowly so that you don’t stir up too much dust and debris. You can also use a leaf blower to remove any debris clinging to the sides of the pool.

Keep the Chemicals Balanced

One of the most critical aspects of pool maintenance is keeping the chemicals adequately balanced. This includes maintaining the pH level and chlorine levels.

Generally, the pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6. The chlorine level should be between 1 and 3 ppm (per million).

You can test the pH and chlorine levels yourself with a pool test kit or take a water sample to your local pool supply store for testing.

If the levels are off, you can adjust them with chemicals. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when adding chemicals to your pool.


Shocking the pool is adding a high concentration of chlorine to the water to kill any bacteria or algae that might be present.

This should be done every week during the summer and every other week during the winter. You can purchase pool shock at your local pool supply store. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adding it to your pool.

Use an Automatic Cleaner

An automatic pool cleaner can be a great addition to your pool maintenance routine. These devices are designed to clean the bottom and sides of the pool while you relax and enjoy the water.

There are various types of automatic cleaners to choose from, so find one that is right for your pool.

Test the Water Regularly

What to Do to Keep Your Pool Squeaky Clean

Even if you are following all of the steps for the proper pool maintenance, it’s still a good idea to test the water regularly.

It will help you catch any problems early on to be fixed before they cause significant damage. You can purchase a pool test kit at your local pool supply store. Test the pH and chlorine levels at least once a week.

Following the right tips will help keep your pool looking clean and well-maintained. It’s essential to be consistent with your pool maintenance routine to avoid significant problems.

Invest in the right supplies, such as stain removers and chlorine, which make your cleaning missions successful.

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