10 Antique White Kitchen Cabinets that Jazz Your Kitchen Up

Antique white kitchen cabinets are extremely versatile. They can be paired with any colours of your choice so you will not find any trouble when it comes to pick a countertop for your kitchen. Besides, they can add the touch of elegance to it. Read on to find 10 antique white kitchen cabinets that will jazz your kitchen up.

1. Simple White Kitchen Cabinets

simple white kitchen

Antique cabinets tend to have sophisticated design with curvy edges and carved details just like the ubiquitous antiques.

But these cabinets are quite different. They are quite simple, yet charming. You can still see the elegance that these cabinets give to the kitchen despite the simple design.

These cabinets are painted ivory which suit earthy colours like the grey countertops and the brown wooden floor. Ivory colour also gives a well-worn look to the cabinets which make them look like antiques. They also feature some mouldings that suit the white blind well.

2. Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional white kitchen

Traditional look is not always old-fashioned and boring. In fact, it can be so elegant. No wonder many people are into this kind of look.

To add the touch of traditional look to your kitchen, you can invest in some antique white cabinets just like these ones. Some of the cabinets feature crown mouldings that complement the mouldings on the ceiling perfectly.

Some of the cabinets also feature glass doors which belong to the previous era. The glass doors enable you to see what is inside the cabinets without opening them.

Two curvy lines also accentuate the doors, adding more accents to these traditional cabinets. They can also make pretty good adornments to the kitchen so you will not need to add a painting or any accessory to beef your kitchen up anymore.

3. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops

Antique white kitchen

The good thing of white cabinets is they can be paired with any countertops of your choice including this grey granite countertop.

The white cabinets are inspired by the traditional look of raised wainscoting panels that can make an interior look luxurious. Two carved legs support the centre part of the cabinets, creating an excellent centrepiece.

The crown moulding is installed on the centre part and attach to the ceiling so it can draw eyes effectively. The cabinets are elegant, and the grey granite countertop has taken the elegance to the next level.

The natural patterns of the granite make it look lavish. And thus,it will suit a vintage or Victorian kitchen well.

4. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets with Chocolate Glaze

Cabinets with Chocolate Glaze

Earthy and natural colours have never failed to add luxury to the interior. Therefore, combining white and brown hues to colour up your kitchen will be your best bet when it comes to make it look impressive.

Again, the antique and traditional look of the cabinets are highlighted with the carved legs installed in most important spots like the kitchen sink and stove. Glass doors also embellish the cabinets, creating a perfect display in your kitchen.

To make the kitchen look more appealing, a wooden kitchen island with white marble countertop sits in the middle of it.

It creates a bridge connecting the white cabinets and brown floor as well as exposed beamed ceiling, anchoring them as well as bringing the harmony.

5. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Granite Countertops

Black Granite Countertops

I am always enthralled by monochromatic styles. They are eminently simple, yet impressive, just like this kitchen.
The white finish of the cabinets provides the clean and sleek look to the kitchen. Although they lack sophisticated details, they still look stunning and elegant.

All that thanks to the crown mouldings that fill in the awkward space between the cabinets and ceiling. The mouldings also draw eyes to the ceiling which will make the kitchen appear to be larger.

To complement the black handle bars, a white kitchen island with black granite countertop is added. The sleek and smooth countertop suits the white cabinets well. It can even reflect the natural and artificial lighting nicely, making the kitchen look bigger and airier.


The black granite countertop makes the kitchen look airier and more spacious as it reflects the lighting.

The sleek finish makes the kitchen look more alluring.


Black granite countertop is prone to scratch. And when it is scratched, it is really difficult to fix.

6. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Island

cabinet with Dark Island

When stepping into this kitchen, you will obviously feel the classic ambience of it. The carved details teaming up with the colours make this kitchen look a bit rustic and splendid.

The creamy white cabinets look old and classic. Even the handle bars provide the look of shabby chic style. To accentuate the style, two decorative carved legs hang over the stove. They fill in the space between the lower and upper cabinets.

A dark wooden island sits comfortably in the middle of the kitchen, enhancing the shabby chic style pretty well. The carved legs of the island complement the classic design of the cabinets. And the countertop provides a personal accent that suits the cabinets perfectly.

7. Polygonal White Kitchen Countertops

kitchen with Countertops

Polygonal or U-shaped kitchen countertop is also one of the most popular fashions in previous era. And thus, investing in antique cabinets and arranging them in a polygonal shape will help you get the classic look that you have wanted for so long in a jiffy.

Kitchen cabinets with polygonal countertops allow you to move from the stove to the sink and worktop easily and quickly. Therefore, this shape is really suitable for a kitchen with limited space.


The design allows you to have an assistance that help you work in the kitchen.

You have more space to perform your kitchen routines.

Smoother workflow is all yours.


If the kitchen is too small, this polygonal design will not fit well.

8. White and Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Cabinet

If you are a big fan of shabby chic styles, you are going to love this kitchen. The cabinets are full of decorative ornaments that embody the classic style.

The cabinets are designed to give the look of aged kitchen so they can achieve the antique appearance. The clear glass doors enable you to store cups and wine glasses safely so they will not be exposed to dust. They also make it easy for you to find the cups that you are going to use.

Carved ornaments prettify the cabinets, emphasizing the antique styles very well. As the most important spot in the kitchen, the stove is adorned with carved legs and ornaments to make a beautiful centrepiece.

Even the fancy handle bars are meticulously designed to accentuate the style. To complement the distressed cabinets as well as accentuating the style, grey hues are used for the countertop, backsplash, and floor, distinguishing the shabby chic style from contemporary one.

9. Vintage White Kitchen Cabinets

Vintage White Kitchen

Vintage style is all about aged appearance, either achieved naturally or artificially by distressing the furniture, just like these cabinets. The white finish adds the touch of classic ambience to the kitchen.

Black handle bars emphasize the style well, not to mention the carved details found over the stove and on the legs of the kitchen island.

To fill in the space between the ceiling and the cabinets, crown mouldings are installed. They do not only complete the cabinets, but also make the kitchen look more elegant.

Soft grey hues are combined with the antique white cabinets to beef the kitchen up without eradicating the vintage look. In fact, they really make a pretty good team.

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10. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets with Golden Accent

Cabinets with Golden Accent

As the place where you spend most of your days slaving over a hot stove, your kitchen deserves to be decorated to look luxurious so you will feel more comfortable in it.

The antique cabinets play a crucial role in creating the luxurious kitchen. Again, the antique look is clearly defined from the fancy carved ornaments and legs.

Crown mouldings are also one of the most significant features of a luxurious kitchen so you must include them in the decoration. To make the kitchen look more lavish, you can play with the colours that complement the cabinets well.

Since the antique cabinets are white, you will not find much trouble in pairing it with any colours of your choice. However, gold hues would be your greatest bet when it comes to luxury.

To add golden accent to your kitchen, you can begin with making golden lines around the handle bars, but do not be exaggerated as the accent should complement the cabinets, not overlap them.

Subway tiles have never failed to add the touch of traditional look. Instead of white subway tiles, you might want to install the golden ones as they can make the kitchen look more luxurious as well as complementing the golden accent of the cabinets.

Those are 10 antique white kitchen cabinets that can jazz your kitchen up. Now you can enjoy being busy in the kitchen as no one can restrain themselves from lingering in this beautiful and luxurious kitchen. You are going to love to stay here for a little bit longer. And, the most important is doing your kitchen routines will be less tense.

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