7 DIY Essential Oil Storage Ideas For Your Home

Essential Oil Storage Ideas – Lovers of essential oils won’t let their precious oils stay unorganized in the room. Most essential oil lovers would love to store and display their collections properly. If you’re one of them, you’re going to need some inspiring essential oil storage ideas.

Before thinking about the right place to store and display your essential oils, you need to know where you will use your oils most often.

If you have kids at home, you should choose the right place to display your oils but keep them away from your kids at once.

Essential Oil Storage Ideas to Display Them

Below are 7 amazing ways to display your essential oils instead of keeping them inside your filing cabinet or your kitchen drawer.

1. Using the spice rack

spice rack ideas

Use your old wooden spice rack to display all your essential oils. If you have no spice rack to use, consider building your own white wooden shelf or rack to place the entire oils you have in any room. Mount the rack on the wall of your living room.

2. Creating wooden carry case

Creating wooden carry case

If you love using your essential oils in almost any room at home, place them in a wooden case you can carry easily from a room to another.

This eases you from carrying the oils to the other rooms if you don’t want to show the oils in your living room.

3. Using storage display tray

Essential Oil Storage Ideas

Timber displays can always be a unique ornament or decoration for your interior. And it is much better since it can hold all your essential oils, so you can take them easily anytime you need to use one.

But make sure you keep this tray away from kids since the little ones can break the bottles easily.

4. Wooden hexagonal shelf

Wooden hexagonal shelf

A wooden shelf is the right ornament for your interior design. It can carry almost anything you want.

Place some essential oils on the shelf and place some decorative ornaments like mini cactus between the oils you have.

5. Fabric essential oil storage box

Fabric essential oil storage box


If a wooden box is not your thing or you just want something lighter in weight to place your essential oils, consider using a storage box made of fabric to keep all your essential oils.

Fabric boxes are usually completed with zippers so you can keep your oils safe inside the box.

6. Wooden box with glass top

Wooden box with glass top

It would be nice to see the lids of your essential oil bottles from the outside of the wooden box.

This wooden box with a top cover allows you to see what oils are stored inside the box. Place this unique wooden box in the living room to decorate your interior.

7. Huge clear jars

Huge clear jars

This one is the last one but the most unique idea among the other essential oil storage ideas. Place your essential oil bottles inside clear jars and leave the jars open.

Take your essential oil easily anytime you need it. Just make sure you keep your jars clean so you can use them to decorate your interior.

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