7 Creative Apartment Bike Storage Ideas

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas – City people have many ways to commute; one of them is biking. However, since the growth of people living in apartments, bikes can be a problem since the space is confined.

If you experience the problem, here are the apartment bike storage ideas to put your favorite transportation item.

Best Apartment Bike Storage Ideas

Vertically on the wall

Vertical bike storage

A narrow apartment can be a problem; what more having two bikes? The best idea to include the bikes in your space is to hang them on the wall in a vertical.

There is a special hanger for the bike, which hangs your bike well without being frightened they might fall.

Having them vertically is a good way since it is space-saving on the wall. Thus, you might put a bookshelf in between to make it look aesthetic.

However, make sure the hanger is suitable for the bike you have—the bigger the bike, the stronger the hanger.

Racks on the wall

apartment bike storage ideas

The bike racks on the wall are a very convenient choice. First, it doesn’t need much space as other racks in your room.

It also eases you to take and put on your bike without maneuvering. You don’t need to be scared of the bike falling on your body when you take it.

The racks are definitely sold around the world now. With many sizes and criteria, each rack won’t be suitable for all kinds of bikes.

Heavier bikes might need certain racks. So before you buy one, make sure you ask the seller and tell them about the bike you have.

Wall-mounted storage

Bike Wall-mounted storage

A confined apartment isn’t the reason to prevent your cycling hobby. You might have not only the bike but also the helmet.

The storage option is the wall mount, where you hang the bike horizontally. Thus, you add a special place for your helmet. This option is good for the living room.

Standing racks

Standing racks for bike

If you don’t want to lift your bike up after using it, you’d better choose the standing rack.

This rack is versatile, not only to hang your bike but also other accessories like the helmet outdoor or indoor.

The standing rack eases you to take the bike without maneuvering and put it back horizontally.

Bike shelves

apartment bike storage rack

This apartment bike storage idea is unique DIY since you need to install the wall shelves.

Usually, the material is wooden with an iron lining to hang the wall under the shelf. If you have the upper shelf, the bike is placed on it with the hook so it will be steady.

Ceiling storage

Ceiling storage for bike

Putting the bike on the ceiling? Why not? It’s one of the trendy solutions nowadays, especially when you have decoration and furniture all over your apartment.

The installation is harder, but the result is amazing. It saves your small space but another decoration for the room.

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Rack clip

apartment bike storage design

Another idea is to have a rack clip for the bike. It’s suitable for multiplesizes of bike. The clip will hold the bike horizontally.

The clip is cheaper than any other storage, and it’s versatile to hang everywhere in the room.

Biking has become a trend that no one can avoid. Everyone wakes up to realize that this activity is important for health and the environment.

Don’t let the confined space make you think further about having the bike. Those apartment bike storage ideas above are solutions for your narrow space problem.

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