Are Blaze Grills Good for Money? – Top 3 Product Pics

If you spend a lot of time looking for the best brands for outdoor grilling, you may come across Blaze Grills. Offering a wide range of product options, finding out the type of Blaze Grills that meets your needs is not hard.

From built-in grills to kamado grills, you won’t run out of options. But, are Blaze Grills good and worth your money? Let’s take a look at the best Blaze Grills products on the following page.

#1. Blaze 32” Built-In Gas Grill

This Blaze Grill product has 4 burners in total and the tool is constructed in a stainless-steel frame. Each of the burners can generate 14,000 BTUs. It is considered a lot of grilling power since all of the 4 burners will give you 56,000 BTUs in total.

Blaze 32” also provides you with a cooking space of as much as 740 sq. There will be more than enough space where you can serve barbeque for many people at once.

Completed with a removable warming rack, you will have enough room to keep the food warm before serving it to your guests.

Blaze 32” also comes with a drip tray to make it easier for you to clean the tool. Not only that but the product is also completed with a rear infrared burner. Due to the power generated but the grill, the temperature will be very hot. So, be careful with that.

#2. Blaze Professional 24”

Generally speaking, Blaze Professional 24” is like Blaze 32” built-in gas grill, but with a smaller size. In this way, this gas grill will be a perfect option to choose if you only have a small backyard.

Aside from the smaller size, Blaze 24” is also lighter in weight. The small size of the product also makes it easy to transport from one place to another.

However, the stainless steel used to frame this Blaze 24” is extra thick. With 2 burners, Blaze 24” allows you to enjoy total cooking power of as much as 36,000 BTUs. The ignition system is also fast and all you need to do is just push the button.

There is also a rotisserie kit completed with a waterproof motor you can find in Blaze 24”. Meanwhile, the heat zone separators added to the product make it possible for you to cook grill different meats by using different temperatures.

The only downside of Blaze 24” is that you might find it a bit slower to grill meat due to the small size.

#3. Blaze 40” LTE Built-in Gas Grill

If you have a large property to host a barbeque party for a large group of people at once, this Blaze 40” will be a perfect option to take. This premium Blaze grill comes with 304 commercial-grade stainless steel.

With 5 burners, this large grill can generate up to 70,000 BTUs of cooking power. Meanwhile, the large dimension of the grill will provide you with a cooking space of as much as 915 square inches.

The cast stainless steel burners of Blaze 40” are also durable. There will be illuminated knobs to improve your visibility for nighttime cooking.

The grill is also completed with a double-line hood to allow you to maintain temperature and keep heat retention easily.

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