Benefits of Paperboard Filter Frames

Have you ever experienced issues with your HVAC filters? Do you have problems with finding the right air filter frame to fit your system? Then perhaps it’s time to use paperboard filter frames.

Paperboard filter frames are a revolution in the HVAC industry, and they are designed with care and precision. Follow this URL to learn more about using paperboard filter frames for your manufacturing, industrial, commercial, or medical needs.

What Exactly are Paperboard Air Filter Frames?

Benefits of Paperboard Filter Frames1

Paperboard filter frames are mostly made out of thick paper-based material, but it depends on the application as other materials might be used.

There are coated and uncoated variants, with the coated variant being more resistant to water and oil. They are excellent in allowing fresh air to pass through them while capturing airborne allergens, irritants, or pollutants.

These filters have a weaved design to trap and absorb particles before they enter your home. This way, paperboard filter frames provide a healthier environment for everyone inside a building.

Paperboard filters are typically made with the use of a die cutter machine. This allows for precise customization. The sharp edges of the machine can cut the material with extreme accuracy due to the die cutters. The machine places weight on a die and pushes it down on the material, resulting in a perfect precision cut.

Die casting is used for various materials, but with paperboards, die-casting is used to create perfect and accurate frames. These frames, depending on the provider, can fit any HVAC system.

Die-cutting machines come in many sizes and can cut just about anything, from wood, to metal, allowing for perfect air filter frame size adjustment. These machines are accurate because they are computerized.

It allows a user to customize anything they want to cut with great precision. This applies to even the most complex of shapes.

Should You Use Paperboard Air Filter Frames?

Paperboard air filter frames are a very beneficial solution for boosting HVAC filter efficiency. With digital die cutter technology, you can place bulk orders of paperboard air filters, and if you work with a reliable company, they can handle any order in due time.

If you are in the manufacturing, industrial, commercial, or medical business, paperboard air filter frames can completely change your HVAC system for the better.

They are highly efficient at catching small particles. With the advanced method of die-cutting, you can acquire paperboard air filter frames that match perfectly with your HVAC system.

Advantages of Using Paperboard Air Filter Frames

To summarize why paperboard filters are so popular, here is a list of their benefits:

Paperboard Air Filter Frames are Easier to Replace

Paperboard filter frames are easier to replace than most other air filters. They absorb most of the dust and grime that accumulate over time.

When these filters reach their maximum capacity, you can easily dispose of them and replace them in a quick and simple process. The disposal is fast and hygienic because no one will come in direct contact with the trapped debris and dust.

The paperboard variants are designed to have a high dust and dirt absorption rate, and their robust construction can guarantee that these filter frames will last a long time.

Paperboard Filter Frames are Highly Customizable

When a commercial or industrial structure is built, it will have an HVAC system installed. This HVAC system might need some adjustments to match the construction of the building.

Because of this, there is a high chance that the filter frame that was designed to match the HVAC system might no longer be compatible.

This is where custom-cut paperboard air filter frames play a role. They can be cut perfectly to fit in any air filtration system accurately. Many frames are usually pre-cut, and they won’t always match a system.

At times, some factory-made air filters may appear to be custom-made to match an HVAC system.

However, the reality is that most are designed in standard sizes to accommodate common HVAC systems. Customized paperboard air filters are different since die-cutting machines are often used to customize them.

Most Paperboard Filter Frames Have Affordable Prices

Paperboard filters are usually made out of the most cost-effective materials, such as paper or cotton fibers, among others. They generate a static effect that acts as a magnet for airborne particles.

Due to the affordable materials involved, paperboard filter frames are among the most cost-effective filter solutions. The reality is that paperboard filters are relatively inexpensive and high quality and are great at catching dust particles.

Paperboard Filter Frames Have High MERV Ratings

A paperboard filter frame usually has a MERV value of about eight. This value is the center of the MERV scale. It means that paperboard filter frames are good enough to provide great air filtering performance without increasing your energy bills.

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