Are Fairy Lights Waterproof? Know the Essential Questions

When you plan on decorating your events using fairy lights, one of the questions that pop up in mind is: are fairy lights waterproof? Many people use fairy lights to make the outdoor area more pleasant. They also use the fairy lights to generate a cozy ambiance.

Another reason is to create a better atmosphere for parties and other social gatherings. Besides, fairy lights are also low in power consumption.

Through this article, you will get to know what are the most asked questions about fairy lights. You will also get to know whether fairy lights waterproof or not and can be used outdoor or not.

Fairy Lights Waterproof

Are fairy lights waterproof? Well, understand this: the fairy light is waterproof for outdoor use if it is rated IP65 for hanging on buildings and trees in the yard, or IPX-8 rated if it will continue to be submerged in water, such as in a garden pond.

Keep in mind that it is dangerous to use fairy lights outside if they do not have this rating.

Are Fairy Lights Waterproof Or not?

Are fairy lights waterproof? This is a common question. Most fairy lights have a waterproof design and come with an IP65 rating for general water resistance, or an IPX-8 rating if they are going to be submerged in water.

Since the fairy lights will primarily be used outside, they should be protected in this way to help minimize the risk of harm.

Outdoor Fairy Lights Waterproof?

When talking about whether outdoor fairy lights waterproof or not, you now know it is waterproof and can only be used if the rating is IP65 or IPX-8.

Now, what are these IP65 and IPX-8? The following explanation also helps answer questions: how to tell if fairy lights are waterproof?

When checking any fairy light package, look for the four-digit code: IP65. This coding indicates the waterproof level of your lights and minimizes the risk of shock.

IP itself stands for Ingress Protection, while the last two digits tell two different things. The first digit (6) means that your lights are dustproof and that no solid object can enter and damage its structure.

The second digit (5) tells you that the light assembly can withstand low-pressure water. It can hold this water from any angle, meaning your lights should be safe from rain, snow, and ice.

The rating is used not only in lights but in all items containing wires. For instance, many audio speakers are IP65 certified, which means they have the same protection as these fairy lights.

Is It Safe to Put Fairy Lights in Water?

Some may want to place fairy lights in a pond or pool to create an interesting look. However, it is very dangerous to put fairy lights in any type of submerged water unless it is absolutely waterproof.

Even IP65 is not safe enough to place your lights in submerged water. Keep in mind that this protects against low-pressure water, not total immersion.

What Happens When Your Fairy Lights Get Wet?

Are fairy lights waterproof? Now that you have understood the answer, what happens if the fairy lights get wet? If you have hung your fairy lights in a gazebo or other outdoor seating area, and it is raining, you will be fine if they have an IP65 rating.

The cable and bulb are strong enough to withstand water damage and will not pose a risk of shock.

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