7 Porch Light Colors and Their Subconscious Effects

When it comes to porch light colors, the pale and yellow porch light is the norm. That is by no means your only option, however.

There are various colors to choose from. What you need to know is that each color has different subconscious effects.

White porch light, for example, is among the most common choice for porch lighting because it resembles sunlight.

Not to mention is also the color of cleanliness and purity. Orange, on the other hand, is chosen because it creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. And so on.

Thus, if you want to set a particular mood, you need to choose your lighting color carefully.

Want to know more about colors and their subconscious effects? Read on, then. Below, we listed 7 porch light colors and the subconscious effects that they bring.

Warm Yellow

Warm Yellow Porch Light

Warm yellow is a very popular porch lighting color. It is not surprising. The color creates optimism and promotes brain function.

The warmer shades of yellow are also associated with happiness and sunshine. Warm yellow porch lighting encourages unity and communication, making it an excellent choice for the porch.


White porch light color

Besides yellow, white is also among the most common choices. As mentioned earlier white resembles sunlight and is also the color of cleanliness and purity.

Some say that white is boring and just bland. That is incorrect. If anything, there are plenty of options from natural, warm, to bright white.

Blue Porch Light Colors

Blue Porch Light Colors

The meaning of this color depends on the shade. For example, bolder shade is refreshing while lighter shade is relaxing. In general, it promotes trust, calmness, and loyalty.

Due to its nature, blue lighting is a great choice for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Yes, that includes the porch too.


Orange porch light meaning

If you want to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, look no further than orange porch lighting. Orange is the color of friendship, creativity, and endurance.

Some of its shades are also associated with changing seasons and earth. With this color, you give your guests the feeling of being welcomed.


Green porch light meaning

Green is another calming color. Not only the color is calming, but it also conveys healing and hope and is a color that immediately catches attention.

Since it is a warm tone, it is an ideal choice if you want to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere on your porch.


Pink porch light meaning

Pink porch lighting is quite rare, but they do exist. Pink is feminine and warm. The color brings a glamorous vibe to an outdoor spade.

If you want to install pink LED s for your porch, avoid bright shades of pink and choose soft pink ones instead.

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Light Purple

Porch Light Purple Meaning

Last but not least, light purple. This is the third most popular color for porch after white and yellow. It is popular for good reasons.

Light purple generates feelings of wisdom and inspiration. It is a magical and enchanting color that sparks creativity and gives a sense of wealth.

These are 7 porch light colors and their subconscious effects. Now that you know the subconscious effects that these 7 colors bring, you will be able to choose the most fitting color for your porch.

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