Lava Rocks for Gas Fire Pits: Are They Any Good?

Are lava rocks good for fire pit? Sitting around the backyard fire pit is one of the most popular ways of relaxation. With a can of drink and some marshmallows, your weekend couldn’t be much better.

For years we have been using logs and woods to keep our fire lit up. However, woods are obsolete after the invention of gas fire pits. So, what is the alternative to wood? Are lava rocks good for fire pit?

What are lava rocks?

Lava rocks are a naturally-formed type of rock that’s typically made out of basalt. Appearance-wise, lava rocks are rough and holey.

These holes are formed due to the rapid cooling of lava that forms them. It is worth noting that basalt is a common type of rock.

As a result, lava rocks are relatively cheap and easy to get, making them an excellent medium for aquariums, landscaping, and fire pits.

Why use lava rocks on fire pits?

are lava rocks good for fire pits

Lava rocks are commonly used on natural gas or propane-fueled fire pits. Lava rocks are used because they can withstand high temperatures.

This type of fire medium is formed from extremely high-temperature lava. As a result, lava rock won’t get damaged or break when heated repeatedly.

On top of that, lava rocks can distribute the gas-fueled flame evenly around a fire pit.

Putting a layer of lava rocks on top of your gas burner will prevent the flame from burning near the fire pit component.

So, lava rock could protect your gas burner from fire damage. Other than that, the holes on lava rocks are another advantage of using lava rocks. Due to these holes, the rocks could dry faster by allowing water to escape.

Are lava rocks good for fire pit?

The short answer to the question is yes. If you’re looking for a cheap fire pit media, lava rocks could be your best option.

Other than being cheap, lava rocks require little maintenance. So, you could simply leave them out in the open for years. But if you want to clean them, you just have to rinse them with water and let them dry under the sun.

The other advantage of lava rocks comes from the weight. You might be surprised to feel how lightweight a lava rock is. So, if you want to move them around, you don’t have to use a lot of force.

How to arrange lava rocks on gas fire pit

When arranging lava rocks, it is important to not dump them directly on your gas fire pit. Be aware that lava rocks are typically covered with dust and other small pieces.

These dust and small particles could block your fire jet, making the fire less effective. So, always wash your lava rocks and dry them before using them for the first time.

If your burner is meant to be fully covered, make sure that you positioned the burner no more than half an inch under the lava rock layer.

If your burner jets are meant to be exposed, arrange the lava rocks in a way that the jet flame is unobstructed. So, are lava rocks good for fire pit? Of course, they are. So, make sure to use lava rocks on your gas fire pit.

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