7 Great Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

It’s normal if you have a wood-burning stove when you live in the four-season area. It keeps you warm during the winter season. The real problem of having it is placing the firewood. The indoor firewood storage ideas are needed since logs are harder to burn when it’s wet.

The right storage will help you to gather all the logs. It also decreases the dirt and dust from the logs after being burnt.

Some ideas won’t make it look organized, but also attractive decoration. Here are some ways to have storage for your firewood.

DIY Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

1. Portable log holder

Portable log holder

You don’t have any space anymore to create built-in storage for the firewood? Don’t worry, cause a portable log holder will do.

It looks like a mini shelf, but it’s designed for logs. The design is also very nice as other decorative furniture in your room.

The big advantage of this storage is its portable function. It’s smaller than any storage.

When you don’t use it as a log holder, you can change its function into another storage. Having this storage is the best option if your house is quite confined.

2. The box at the corner

The box at the corner

Box with lid is a classic idea, yet still popular nowadays. The box looks like a big crate with a lid on top to protect it from humidity.

For a countryside-style house, this box is an a-must additional item. Since the size is quite big, make sure you have space to store it in the room.

3. Bench storage

indoor firewood storage

The multifunctional bench can store the firewood under the top part. Instead of letting it empty, you can use it for logs.

However, you need to make sure that all the logs fit the width and length. The edge of the logs can hurt your feet once you sit on the bench.

4. Console table

firewood storage ideas

Another indoor firewood storage idea you might consider is the console table. At the top, you can place electronics such as television or radio.

Under the table, you can store the firewood. The existence of the wood gives you a warmer and natural atmosphere.

5. Pallet storage

Pallet storage

The pallet storage looks like a cabinet. You can find various styles of pallets to store the woods, and they are mostly made from wood as well.

The cabinet consists of some compartments to separate the logs by size. You can try the DIY one, too, by adding the wheels.

6. Minimalist rack

Minimalist rack

Some racks for logs beautify the room you have for the firewood. Consider the tall rack, but not too wide, so it doesn’t spend your space.

Usually, it consists of four legs to prevent the logs from falling. You can place the minimalist rack closed to the fire.

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7. Wall log holder

Wall log holder

Once you realize that your pace is too narrow, then having a wall log holder is one of the best solutions.

You can do it by yourself with your own style to create the holder. However, this one only holds the short logs.

These indoor firewood storage ideas aren’t only for storage purposes but also decorative. Before you decide which idea to apply, make sure it fits the space and concept.

With these ideas, it’s possible to have logs indoors, and your room is still neat and beautiful.

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