Are Royal Gourmet Grills Any Good? What to Know Before Purchasing

A high-quality grill doesn’t have to be pricy. At a quite affordable price, you can find the one like Royal Gourmet Grill that will provide you with the best outdoor grilling experience.

The product will be a perfect option if you want to find a small but mighty grill for any outdoor gatherings.

From charcoal to gas, there will also be a fantastic range of grills you can find in Royal Gourmet. So, are Royal Gourmet Grills any good for outdoor kitchens? Well, check the answer here.

The Products Offered

Royal Gourmet Grills’ catalog comes with a lot of gorgeous products you can choose from. These range from charcoal to gas, and a combination of the two. So, which one to choose? Well, this all will depend on how fond you are of cooking.

If you like something that is super-easy to use, the gas grills will make a perfect option. Meanwhile, the ones with side burners allow you to cook the entire food on your grill easily.

But if prefer a classic smokey taste for your barbeque meats, a charcoal grill will be perfect. Though Royal Gourmet Grills don’t come with a built-in style for outdoor kitchens like some brands, they favor the cart design.

In this way, you can still enjoy handy shelving or storage aside from easy grilling. Meanwhile, the wheels attached to the grills will make it easier for you to move the products around your backyard.

Size and Weight

When it comes to the size and weight of Royal Gourmet grills, they can be different from one model to another.

For instance, if you go for a combo grill of Royal Gourmet, the size can reach 576 square inches of iron grates. The space can help you cook a lot of burgers at once. Meanwhile, their weight is about 110 pounds on average.

If you pick up portable griddles of Royal Gourmet, they just weigh 22 pounds. However, the light weight of the products can still enable you to use their porcelain-enameled surfaces to cook 8 burgers at once.

When charcoal models are your go-to Royal Gourmet choice, you will find them somewhere in the middle. These models weigh about 50 to 60 pounds. With a surface of 400 square inches, these charcoal models will provide you with a perfect size grilling area.

Do They Make Accessories?

Yes, they do and the selection is also fantastic. From cooking utensils to clam lamps, many options are available choose from Royal Gourmet.

The brand also provides other accessories specially made for grilling including rotisseries, a smoking tray for chips, extra racks, and more.

Royal Gourmet also offers durable grill covers. Specially designed to fit specific Royal Gourmet Grills models, the covers are also made of extremely tough fabric.

How Much Do They Cost?

Despite the high quality offered, Royal Gourmet Grills don’t come with princely price tags. Picking up the table-top models of this brand will only cost around $89. Meanwhile, the large grill models of Royal Gourmet with 6 burners are only under $500 on Amazon.

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