13 Beautiful Patio Grill Ideas for Your Backyard

Enjoying the outdoor atmosphere is both relaxing and fun. Especially if you can do many things like just sedentary or grill parties with your family.

You can have a grill on the patio so you can enjoy it without having to eat out. Here are patio grill ideas to enhance and enhance the functionality of your patio.

Beautiful Patio Grill Ideas

#1. Modern Grill

Modern grill patio image

Currently, the grill for the patio usually uses aluminum because it is durable. The shape of the grill is quite large with a cover on it.

The grill has its own position on the patio and is separate from other furniture, especially chairs and tables.

Each side of the grill is a wall made of river rock piles. This modern look keeps your patio beautiful and excellent.

#2. Simple Grill

Simple grill patio ideas

Even though making food is not the main activity when enjoying time on the patio, you can still have a simple grill. The small size can be moved to various angles.

But it is better if you have a special counter to put the grill, including a rib rack. The color of the counter will be better if it is the same as the wall, so it seems that there is not much furniture on your deck

#3. Curved Grill

Curved grill patio design

This design is very possible to be applied if the patio has a large enough size. Part of the room is made specifically for the kitchen and grill by forming a circle.

The grill is above the counter, while above it is a serving table similar to a bar. For those of you who like to enjoy party events, this design is perfect for your hobby.

The counter for placing the grill should be made of marble. Marble has strong resistance and is not affected by heat.

You can safely mount a built-in grill in it. Place other decorations such as standing candles near the grill so that the kitchen looks romantic.

#4. Elegant Grill

Elegant grill patio image

The size of the furniture on the patio should adjust to the conditions of the patio itself. If the pation is small, the grill tool should not be too big either.

There wouldn’t be that many guests there, right? Even though it’s small, you can still make an elegant grill counter.

The counter is made zigzag level and the grill is placed in the outermost position so that the other side can be used to put other food.

#5. Rustic Grill

Rustic outdoor grill patio

Even with worn and rust colors, the rustic theme is still a popular choice.

Place your grill on the counter using rustic themed stones. The worn touches even make the impression of a warm countryside.

Even so, the grill must still use clean metal materials and not use rusted metal to keep the grill results safe.

#6. Grill On The Kitchen

Grill On The Kitchen Design

It is not impossible if you have a kitchen on the patio. Especially if you like to eat party with family, the patio will be a more attractive place.

Don’t forget to beautify your kitchen with patio grill ideas. Grilling is like a must activity when gathering. Place it on the patio counter area and add shades like a pergola to protect the grill.

#7. Stone Built Grill

Stone Built Grill Patio

Stone is a safe material for placing a grill. When the grill is on, it conducts heat to the surrounding area, making it dangerous if the material could melt.

In contrast to stones that tend to withstand heat. You can make a stone built grill where the grill is unremoveable.

#8. Luxury Grill

Luxury Patio Grill Picture

If the bakyard size is large enough, you can have a special grill area on a patio. The area is made large which only fits a grill counter. You can freely be creative with a variety of dishes while on the patio.

Add a shade in either a gazebo or awning so your grill is safe from drafts or rain.

#9. Paver Grill

Paver Patio Grill Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with building a patio with the paver stone concept, including the grill area.

Paver stone gives a natural feel to the patio and is good resistance to exterior materials. You can use stones with dark colors for the grill so they don’t get dirty easily while cooking.

#10. Tiny Grill

Tiny Grill Patio Images

It doesn’t matter if your patio is very small but you still want a grill for partying with the family.

You can make a special table to put the grill. Tables are more effective for small patios because they are easy to move around. Place the grill table in one corner of the patio so it doesn’t seem cramped.

#11. Under The Gazebo

Grill Under The Gazebo

Gazebo is not only used as shades that are suitable for the patio. The grill area can also have its own gazebo which is sized according to the grill.

It’s simple, you just need to provide a gazebo made of wood with a roof made of rattan or bamboo. While the grill is placed on a metal table in the middle of the gazebo.

#12. Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Pati Grill Style

Mediterranean style is usually dominated by broken white. Starting from the ground, wall, fire pit, to the grill counter use the same shade.

This style also does not miss to have a grill for partying with family. The grill is located on the cobbled counter in a metal and white alloy. The patio also has small lights at the top for a festive impression.

#13. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Patio Grill Style

The Scandivanian style on the patio is marked with a fine line on all parts of its constituent and pacing.

Although simple, this style can also use the grill as the furniture in it. Use a grill in a neutral color like metal or black so that the patio doesn’t seem crowded.

The patio can be placed on a shelf that can easily be moved to another corner of the patio.

BBQ lovers will definitely not miss grilling when they are with loved ones. You can use the space on the patio to apply patio grill ideas.

Whether the patio size is large or small, you can adjust the size of the grill to be in one corner. Show your skills in creativity to arrange the grill on your favorite patio

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