Barndominium Pros And Cons

Barndominium Pros And Cons – One of the trends in making houses that are now widely adopted in various countries is barndominium. As the name implies, which consists of the word “barn”, the concept is similar to a farmhouse-style.

Uniquely, this house only has one open room like a studio. Many people make barndos, another name, as a place to spend their holidays.

This property is widely built in Texas and has become popular on social media. The main material is metal or wood which can be obtained easily and at a low price.

This living space takes a short time to install, but it also has the barndominium pros and cons. The following are the pros and cons of making barndominium as a home or living space.

List of the Pros of a Barndominium

Durable Living Space

Steel barndominium ideas

This one reason is why many people build a barndominium. Steel material can last a long time when compared to making houses in general.

Steel is also known to withstand any weather so you don’t need extra maintenance at every change of the season. That way, you don’t need to spend an extra budget and can make it an investment.

Less Time and Less Money

The time to manufacture barndominium is very fast, especially if you use metal. This material is readily available in metal shops so the contractor only needs to install it like a puzzle.

The construction of this one house only took less than 2 weeks. The longest part is just to decorate the interior to your taste. Therefore, you can save budget for contractors.

Multi-purpose Space

Best barndominium designs

Some people make it an ideal place to live. Some of them make it as a studio. If you already have a house, then barndominium can be transformed into a multi-purpose living space.

You can create a corner of the studio to play music, a place where you work if you are self-employed, a place to relax by the fireplace, or a mini bar to drink with the closest people.

It’s Spacious

The use of steel as the main material for making barndominium makes the space inside more spacious You can use a barndominium into any place because it offers more space than a normal house.

Barndominium decoration also becomes easier and you can put all kinds of furniture in it. It’s like having a house in one open space.

It’s Eco-Living Style

You can reduce your carbon footprint to the air by building a barndominium. In general, barndos are made with many windows to keep air circulating.

You don’t need air conditioner for a cool ambient. On the other hand, in winter, you don’t need a heater. Steel stores heat well so it can heat barndos.

List of the Cons of a Barndominium

Rot And corrosion

Rot and corrosion are two threats that should not be ignored when having barndos. If you build it with wood material, rot will occur in the next 15-20 years.

Meanwhile, if the main material is steel, corrosion will occur if a lot of acid rain in your area. That is why barndominium is not suitable for construction in tropical climate.

It’s Open Space

barndominium pros and cons

Wood or metal materials will not be strong to accommodate a lot of loads. That is why, ideally barndominium is made for single-story and open space.

This makes barndos unsuitable for residential use. Your room will have no privacy if more than two people are left in one barndominium. That is why, barndos is more suitable for other spaces such as a bar, studio or lounge.

Lot of Noise

The wood and steel materials cannot withstand the sound that occurs outside of barndominium. In fact, what happens is the sound that is heard in the barndos will get louder.

Likewise, when it rains water or snow occurs. Water or ice falling on the roof will make a loud noise. If you build a barndominium in an ordinary environment, this may be very annoying to your neighbors.

Low at Property Market

cheap barndominium

Don’t be surprised if barndominium prices are low on the market. This is due to the low level of barndominium in public interest due to its unsuitable as a place to live.

Unless, barndominium has a building that is half made of stone or wood, its value on the market is higher than that of stainless steel. This makes it difficult for you if you want to sell it.

Risk of Error

Another barndominium pros and cons is if you are making barndominium from metal, then you need to know whether all the parts are perfect. If not, then ask to exchange for new steel to a steel distributor.

If the steel is already installed, this will make it difficult for you. You need to reopen the steel plates which can affect other parts.

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