10 Modern Barndominium Designs to Inspire You

Barndominium Designs – Barndominium is homebuilding that has become popular in recent years. The frames are made of steel or wooden. Barndominium goes by another name barndos and is now home to some residents of Texas, US.

Making it requires less funds than making a house and easy maintenance are the benefits you can get. Here are some barndominium designs whether interiors and exteriors.

Barndominium Interiors

1. Barndos as Mini Studio

Barndos as Mini Studio

You can make barndominium as a studio. In one corner are various instruments to play bands with friends, while the other corner is a bar table with various collections of drinks and glasses.

You can also put a soft sofa in the middle of the room along with a coffee table to just relax. In order for bandrominium to have a warm feel, make a fire pit made of alabaster.

2. Minimalist Design

Minimalist Barn Design

You can make minimalist barndos just for relaxing with family or friends. Barndos consists of only one open space with sofa, carpet, lamp stands and potted plants.

The color combination is wooden walls with white, while black is used on the door trim. Add rustic wooden wall decor that matches the color of sofa or floor from barndos. Put the black and whit rugs in the middle of the room.

3. As a Kitchen

Barn As a Kitchen

Having barndominium designs as kitchen, why not? You can design it to be a spacious and beautiful kitchen, as well as space to put the dining table.

In addition to cooking counters, you can also decorate the kitchen with ornaments such as classic wall clocks and chandeliers in the middle of the room.

If you use white for furniture, then use a floor deck and wooden dining table to add to the impression of a countryhouse.

4. Metalic Barndos

Metalic Barndos Ideas

Barndominium can also be made of metal materials. You can make a barndos to be used as a dining room as well as a kitchen.

Not only installations that use metal, but also various furnishings in it such as refrigerators, storage cabinets, counters, and chandeliers.

The dining table can be integrated with a marble counter. Ideally, this barndos uses floors with dark marble material because it is easy to clean.

5. Modern Design

Modern barn design

Barndos does not only use the countryhouse concept. You can apply a modern design to a space like a kitchen. Barndos consists of several parts of storage which also become walls.

If you use white, make clear lines of separation between the wood for the walls. Add minimalist furniture such as black chandeliers, white counters, and floor decks.

Barndominium Exteriors

1. Wooden Exterior

Wooden exterior barn

The countryhouse concept in barndominium designs is often used as inspiration because of its unique shape. The frame is made of wood, while the roof is made of mild steel.

Or consisting of three sides, namely the large main side, the roof of each attic, and a roof to protect the sides of the barndos. Under the side ones, it can be used as a protector for your horse stable.

The exterior nuanceof the barndominium is enhanced by the polished wood color. This color is not only for the main part of the wall, but also for the supports, attics and railings.

Meanwhile, metallic elements are not only used on the roof but also for railings for horse stables and sliding doors which are the main entrance to the barndominium.

2. Home Design

Barn Home Design Ideas

If you do not like a high barndos, you can make it like a house. Some of the walls are made of wood that are installed vertically and use white color, some are made of river stone to be used as a strong foundation.

Use a design with many windows, including doors with glass material so that the barndominium is not damp.

3. Hexagonal Bandominium

Hexagonal Bandominium Designs

This one design is very unique because the walls and parts form a hexagonal. It may cost you more money to make barndominium this way.

But if you live in a country with lots of snow in winter, snow won’t pile up on the roof so it’s safe for your barndos.

It has a design with many windows on the right and left side, as well as the upper side. The door consists of double doors.

The outer part uses a wooden sliding door, while the inside is transparent glass which is similar in design to a window. You can add a chandelier above the window so that lighting can be maximized at night.

4. Double Barndominium

Double Barndominium Ideas

You can build two barndominiums of different sizes. The main one is large in size which features a floating deck on the front and shades for added exterior.

Meanwhile, small barndominium is made closed which is suitable as a kitchen. Both are connected by a covered bridge. This design is suitable if the land you have is large enough.

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5. Dark Shade Exterior

barndominium design

If brown is too boring for you, try a dark color like black. This color also absorbs sunlight so that barndominium conditions become warmer.

You can have a veranda to decorate the front part as your unique barndominium designs. Generally, dark shade of barndos is made from stone for the bottom part.

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