7 Basement Apartment Ideas for Every Kind of Basements

If you want to make your basement more functional, you need to transform it into an apartment. After transforming it, you will have a basement apartmet which are ready to be lived in There are various basement apartment ideas that you can choose. But, not all of them are perfect for yours.

In designing your basement apartments for rent in nashville tn, you need to consider many things. One of them is the basement size. The wrong design ideas will make this room looks smaller and uncomfortable.

In addition, you need to make sure that the basement has good air circulation, good sanitation, exits, and enough light. These are some of the best ideas on basement apartment.

A Minimalist Basement Apartment

basement apartment ideas

This white minimalist basement apartment looks pretty elegant with a comfortable bed, cozy sofa, and nice rug. This basement apartment idea is perfect for small basement.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend lots of money to create such a simple but comfortable basement apartment. To make it more attractive, you can hang some paintings on the wall.

A Unique and Cozy Basement Apartment

cozy apartment ideas

This basement apartment looks very unique and cozy at the same time. The choices of color, rug, furniture, and decoration makes this apartment looks unusual.

In addition, the large sofas in it are very cozy. You can even use them as beds.

A Small but Cozy Basement Apartment

Small basement apartment


Do you have a small basement? If you do, you don’t need to worry about its transformation into an apartment. With this basement apartment idea, the room will be a cozy place to live in.

In order to create it, you only need a big bed with comfortable mattress and pillows, a cozy sofa, and some functional furniture pieces. To enhace its look, you need to install the right lighting and wall decor.

A White and Crisp Basement Apartment

White and Crisp Apartment

This all-white basement apartment may look a bit monotone. But, it is good for you who have a small basement. With this single color idea, your basement apartment will looks more spacious.

In addition, to make it more interesting, you can add a beautiful picture and a touch of dark color on your furniture.

A Small but Elegant Basement Apartment

elegant basement apartment

Just because you have a small basement, it doesn’t mean that you cannot transform it into an elegant apartment. Take a look at the small elegant basement apartment above and you can apply this basement apartment in yours.

In performing this transformation, you need dark wood flooring, a mix of classic and minimalist furniture, and nice rugs.

A Luxurious White Basement Apartment

Luxurious White Apartment

You can practically transform your basement into any styles you want. One of them is transforming it into a luxurious basement apartment like this one.

The combination of flooring, furniture, and decoration make this room looks luxurious and expensive. On the other hand, this apartment is good for you who want to have contemporary or modern apartment.

A Spacious and Unique Basement Apartment

basement apartment ideas

How big is your basement? If you have a large basement, you can transform it into this unique contemporary apartment. The colorful rug among the white clean lines interior create an unusual look in this basement.

Therefore, your spacious basement will be more attractive.

Once you transform your basement into an apartment, you can use it on your own or rent it for tourists. If you choose the latter, you will be able to have an extra income from it.

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