Basement Bathroom Ideas On Budget, Low Ceiling and For Small Space!

Basement Bathroom Ideas – Have you just recently moved into a new house that has a basement? Well, even if it turns out that you have been living there long enough, this article might be useful for you.

Having a basement at home makes you very lucky, because you can have more space for more people. A basement is not just only for bedroom, but also a walk-in shower or a bathroom. If bathroom is your choice, then you need basement bathroom ideas.

Why do you need to know more about basement bathroom ideas? Adding or having a bathroom installed in the basement is not an easy process. In fact, since basement is the lowest level of the house, the process is tricky and complicated.

If you have no idea what to do, then you might create more damage than you first intend to. That means only two things: more reparations and bills to pay.

Hmm, those two possibilities may sound so scary to you. Who wants to experience that? Surely, nobody does. Still, that does not mean you have to quit that easily.

Installing a bathroom in the basement is still possible as long as you know the tricks. You can ask the experts or any friends you know who have done this project earlier. That way, you get a much clearer picture on what to do.

Every person’s experience regarding installing their basement bathrooms are different. Definitely, yours will be different too. It is alright to list down their advice on how to install the bathroom in the basement, but every house is also different too.

With that, there are basic, general steps that you can do before you start anything with those basement bathroom ideas in your head:

The very first thing to do is to plan in details. Planning carefully is a must. Without it, you will not know what to do or just start randomly that you end up ruining everything.

It can also be worse: you end up doing nothing at all, which will be a huge waste of time. Planning carefully involves measuring the space for the bathroom in the basement, designing what the bathroom will look like (the position of the sink, bathtub, shower cabin, toilet, a steam room if necessary, etc.), and checking out the plumbing.

Surely, before formulating the plan, you should check the plumbing first. From there, you can decide whether your bathroom design is suitable to where the plumbing is. Remember, you do not get to change the plumbing, but you must adjust your design to it.

You may also want to take this opportunity to check if your plumbing needs some upgrading. The best kind of renovation is the one that takes into account internal fixtures and structural integrity. Design is good for your eyes but what goes beyond what you see is as important.

Checking if the plumbing works should go hand in hand with finding the right toilet that will fit your bathroom. Your contractor might recommend installing a macerator pump to ensure that everything works smoothly. Your sewage system will thank you for it in the long run.

To be on the safe side, you might want to have two different plans for your bathroom in the basement. That way, after checking the plumbing and one plan does not work well, at least you still have the backup.

Then, it is time to insulate and do the proper plumbing. Perhaps it is less complicated if you live in a tropical area. However, if you live in a country of four seasons, insulating and doing the proper plumbing are very, very important.

During winter, you will not be able to go downstairs and have a proper bath, since most of the pipes will freeze.

Before that happens, do something with the plumbing. If you are no expert or even have no clue at all, it is okay to hire professional plumbers.

In other words, it is better to be safe than sorry. Still, you have to be budget-wise.

Now, how do you want to decorate your bathroom in the basement? You can only start thinking about that after the hardest part, which is plumbing, is done. You may begin with choosing the right colour(s) for the bathroom.

Besides colour, there are other two factors you need to consider, which are style and the colour grading (lights and shades). Some light shades give the sense of a room enlargement and reflecting the lights.

However, if you prefer something milder and more comfortable, you can choose neutral or warm colours. Regarding the styles, you can either try: rustic, minimalist, modern, industrial (or some may call it “post-modern”), rough, retro, and many more.

It depends on how you like it. For example: brass is for a retro bathroom while pipes and industrial metal are for something industrial.

So, what are the best basement bathroom ideas that you can think of? If you still have not found any, no worries. These are some of the samples that might inspire you. Go check them out before you make your decision:

1. White, marbelized bathroom for a touch of luxury.

white basement bathroom

2. Go monochromatic with black and white floor.

black and white floor

3. A touch of nature with neutral colours and white.

bathroom nature ideas

4. Ultra modern with wooden pallet floor? Why not?

modern basement bathroom

5. Go traditional with the combination of white walls, sandpapered floor, and a white cabinet.

traditional basement bathroom

6. A split bathroom: one is the shower and the other is the small storage.

split basement bathroom ideas

7. A small, compact bathroom that consists of a shower and a toilet.

small basement bathroom ideas

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