7 Modern Basement Bulkhead Ideas that Will Improve the Bulkhead’s Door Look

GripElements.com – It is common for older homes in the northeast of the US to have basement bulkheads. Having basement bulkheads are practical. However, the look of these structures is typically not attractive. Thankfully, many modern basement bulkhead ideas can make this structure look visually attractive.

Basement bulkheads allow homeowners to directly move dirty or heavy objects in and out of the basement. They also function as a second exit way. Seeing how functional and useful the basement bulkheads are, you must keep and maintain them properly.

Basement Bulkhead Ideas for a Better-Looking Bulkhead

Despite their functionality and practicality, many basement bulkheads are visually unattractive. It is understandable because they are a part of older homes.

You can remove your old bulkhead doors and apply one of these basement bulkhead door ideas to improve your bulkhead look.

1. Deck Entryway with a Hidden Basement Bulkhead Door

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This bulkhead door idea is unique. It looks like a common deck entryway when the bulkhead door is closed. The installer makes the cellar-door-style bulkhead door from aluminum laminated with wood panels.

This cellar-door style is quite popular among homeowners. However, this hidden bulkhead door is only suitable if you have an entrance door above the basement bulkhead.

2. Simple White Basement Bulkhead Door

what is a bulkhead in a basement

The style of this basement bulkhead door is common. Consequently, many people consider it unattractive. However, some basement bulkhead paint ideas can make it look less outdated.

One of them is a full white bulkhead idea. This painting idea looks more modern compared to bulkhead doors with unpainted lower structures. Moreover, it also matches the wall color beautifully.

3. Multifunction Basement Bulkhead Door

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This is one of the out-of-the-box basement bulkhead ideas that will help you remove the unattractiveness of your bulkhead door. You can use it as a bulkhead door and outdoor coffee table at the same time.

This metal bulkhead door looks solid and durable. In addition, the black coating will protect it from rust.

4. Basement Entrance: An Alternative for Basement Bulkhead Door

how to build bulkhead in basement

Those who can’t stand conventional basement bulkhead doors must look for basement bulkhead alternatives. One of these alternatives is the basement entrance above.

This entrance looks better than the conventional bulkhead door. In addition, it offers better air circulation into the basement. Moreover, this basement entrance also lets more lights into the basement.

5. A Deck Hidden Basement Bulkhead Door

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The concept of this bulkhead door is almost similar to the first one. It is hidden, made of aluminum layered with wood panels, and has a cellar-door style.

However, this hidden basement bulkhead door is not under a deck entryway, but under a deck patio.

6. A Basement Bulkhead in the Middle of the Garden

basement bulkhead paint ideas

This basement bulkhead door is common. There is nothing special about it. However, the flowering plants on its sides make this bulkhead door slightly better.

This basement bulkhead idea is perfect for those who are short on budget. Instead of spending lots of money to replace the outdated door, the owner chooses to beautify the bulkhead’s surrounding with flowering plants.

7. Wood Basement Bulkhead Door

basement bulkhead door ideas

Metal basement bulkhead doors are prone to rust. Therefore, some homeowners prefer to have a wood basement bulkhead door.

This door is more attractive. Moreover, a well-painted one usually can stand weather elements and termites well. Therefore, they can last long.

Modern Basement bulkhead ideas can remove the outdated look of bulkhead doors. Some of these ideas can even hide these doors perfectly. Therefore, homeowners will still be able to have practical and functional basement bulkheads without seeing them.

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