20 Terrific Basement Entryway Ideas for Any Theme

The basement entryway makes the first impression to the interior. When you manage to find the right idea, it helps redefine the concept or theme you bring to the given space. However, copious basement entryway ideas out there can make you overwhelmed.

Whether you set up the basement as a man cave, playroom, entertainment room, or home bar, it deserves a nice entrance.

Here, we have put together brilliant entryway ideas for different purposes and concepts. Whatever style you adopt to your home, prepare yourself and get inspired! 

1. Plain Basement Entrance


Keeping your basement entrance clear is a wise decision, especially if you live with toddlers. It creates a safe area to run around, regardless more protective equipment you’ll need to install like a handrail. If you are looking for small basement entryway ideas, it’s surely for you. Just make sure it is well-illuminated.

Another benefit of keeping your entrance clear is that your basement looks more spacious.

2. Optimize Entryway with Storage

Modern Basement Entryway Ideas

Struggling with a small space issue in your basement? Optimizing every inch lets you get the most of it. How about transforming the entryway into an additional storage room?

All you have to do is to put organizers in an entryway and that’s it. Mind where you place the organizer so it doesn’t block your mobility.

Small racks might be kid-friendly but you can always use taller ones for yourself.

3. V-Shaped Stairs for Dramatic Entrance

V-Shaped Stairs for Dramatic Entrance

Make your basement entrance look dramatic with adorable V-shaped stairs. While straight stairs are too boring, giving a change in direction makes a huge difference to the entire space. You can either use the spandrels (space under stairs) for toys storage or keep it clear for a better visual.

When it comes to design, the V-shaped stairs are quite flexible. You can make it modern, industrial, or even classic.

4. Basement Entryway with Wall Rack


If your basement can’t provide enough space for organizing your equipment, this is one of the brilliant basement entryway ideas to secure your stuff.

Simply install a wall rack of the desired size and make it a safe place for your cleaning equipment, gardening tools, and even your personal belongings like hats or jackets.

In the case of a narrow entryway, you’ll need to make sure the stuff don’t block your way.

5. Brick Basement Entrance Wall


Bricks simply add texture to your basement entrance walls, creating a strong accent of industrial style. Paint the brick walls dark grey or white, depending on the color of your basement.

If you wish to provide a great first impression to your basement home bar or kitchen, this entryway idea deserves your attention.

6. Wooden Stairs Basement Entry

Wooden Basement Entryway Ideas

Wood creates a warm and friendly atmosphere to any given space, including your basement.

For any homeowners adopting a classic or country-style basement theme, wooden stairs create amazing entrance. Besides its exclusive look, wood is sturdy and requires less maintenance.

Either create full wood stairs or combine them with other materials like ceramic tiles or even granite depending on your preference and budgets.

7. Stone Wall Outdoor Basement Entrance


Homeowners with an outdoor basement should find a way to make their outside basement entrance feel and look impressive. Thanks to natural stone walls, it provides you with durable, maintenance-free, and aesthetic basement entryway.

When creating an outdoor basement entrance, installing fences is essential. It helps protect your pets or kids from falling down to the basement.

8. Console for Aesthetic Entrance

Modern Basement Entryway Ideas

An empty stair landing might look unattractive. If you want to create an aesthetic basement entrance, decorating the landing area can be your option. Get a console table and put either a decorative table lamp, a flower vase, knick-knacks, or collectibles.

These simple additions create a huge difference in your entryway. But be careful, make sure it doesn’t get in your way to the basement.

9. Fence Provides Extra Safety


If you prefer the idea of outdoor basement entrance, make sure it is safe for everyone. Installing fences keeps your toddlers or pets from falling down the stairs, not to mention it ensures your privacy. As a bonus, it helps keep intruders away.

Since it will become part of your exterior, it is necessary to make it attractive as you can. Or at least make it blend with other elements.

10. Natural Stone Basement Entryway

Best Basement Entryway Ideas

Natural stones create robust and long-lasting walls. This is among basement entryway ideas that let you build a safe, maintenance-free, and impressive entrance. Combine with stone stairs for a beautiful classic look.

And when it comes to door options, a wood door with glass makes a great choice. It is not only strong, but it also provides you with outdoor visual.

11. Double Glass Doors for Impressive Basement Entryway


Impress your family or guests with these double glass doors for basement entryway. The outdoor basement entrance adopts minimalist contemporary style which can be identified from its sleek design and white color choice.

In addition to the aesthetic basement entrance door, this entryway has a carpet that complements the entire elements. It is ideal for your basement home bar or entertainment room.

12. Personal Gallery Basement Entrance


How about transforming your basement entryway into a personal gallery? This is a creative idea for homeowners who can’t see boring plain walls.

Choose your favorite pics either family portrait, nature photography, or abstract pictures and use frames of similar sizes and colors to create a harmonious look.

Put each framed picture at your eye level and bring it lower as you go down the stairs. Now your home gallery brings your basement value to the next level.  

13. Basement Entryway with Cover

Unique Basement Entryway Ideas

An outside basement entrance cover, also known as a cellar door, provides you with easy outdoor access to your cellar.

It is always an ideal choice for homeowners with limited indoor space—even you can install it in the entryway. Whenever needed, simply lift the door up and get down the stairs to the basement.

14. Standing Rack for Organized Basement


If you need to rack sure everything is within your reach, this is among basement entryway ideas to adopt.

Get a standing shelf and bring it to your entryway so whenever you need to grab a book, a key, or small stuff, you know where to find it. Place the shelf against the wall so it doesn’t obstruct your movement.

15. Basement Stairs with Organizers

Creative Basement Entryway Ideas

Make the most of understairs with this organizer idea. Your basement entryway should be more than an entrance—it should be a great place to keep personal stuff, from shoes to bags, from jackets to hand socks.

This is an ideal entryway for tiny basement so you can have more space to have fun with family.

16. Tidy Basement Entrance


Tidy up your finished basement entrance with racks and hooks. If you are tired with scattered socks, shoes, or jackets, this organizer idea helps keep your home, particularly the basement, neat and clean.

Feel free to adjust the size of the rack and height of hooks so everyone can easily access it, including your kiddos.

17. Old-fashioned Basement Entryway

Best Basement Entryway Ideas

This is an old-fashioned entryway that gives you quick and easy access to the cellar. Commonly built to the side of a home, these basement entryway ideas can also serve as an additional tiny garden that improves your outdoor landscaping. Get some plants and add gravels for an attractive look. 

To make it accessible at day and night, you will want to install proper lighting. An outdoor garden lamp or spotlight will do great for the space. 

18. Outdoor Basement Entrance with Canopy


Did you ever worry about wet and slippery outdoor basement entryway after the rain? A canopy can be a brilliant solution to your problem. Not only does it keep your basement entrance dry, it also offers an aesthetic look to your outdoor settings.

Hardwood pergolas combined with clear outdoor canopies redefine your basement entryway, not to mention it keeps your doors protected from UV.

19. Basement Entryway with Barn Doors

Basement Entryway Ideas

This is one of the most suitable basement entryway ideas for your barn house. Featuring a set of barn doors, it keeps your cellar entrance closed when not in use. Besides ensuring the safety of your pets or kids, it also maintains the cleanliness of the entryway.

On top of all, this entryway idea makes a new statement especially if you are adopting country style. If you are looking for an outdoor focal point, this basement entrance will do.

20. Entrance-Facing Basement Window


Regardless home Feng Shui, positioning a small window facing the basement entrance promises an appealing visual. You can check on outside situation when walking down the stairs. And best of all, it provides natural illumination to the basement.

This basement entryway is suitable for any home style. A little adjustment in model, color, and design will make it a nice addition in your interior.

Though basement is often overlooked, creating a nice entrance can make an unexpected statement in your home.

With an extensive range of basement entryway ideas out there, feel free to find one that meets your personal preference. Level up your cellar entrance and redefine your home interior. 

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