7 Unique and Cool Basement Laundry Room Ideas, Remodel and Pictures

Basement Laundry Room – A lot of households choose to move their basement laundry room upstairs. Maybe, it’s because they want to leave the basement to be alone in the dark. It tends to be used as the warehouse to store some unused stuff they have.

There are also many of us still enjoy the downward journey to the basement to do the laundry.

In fact, it’s not a bad thing to have a room for laundry in a basement because there are some advantages you will get by having it under the floor.

You’ll have more space for anything like folding, sorting, ironing, storage, etc. The trip downstairs and upstairs would be a good workout for productive synergy.

The main floor would be less clutter. If you have a problem with plumbing leak, you won’t be worried because you are already on the lowest level of the house.

Speaking of basement laundry room, you might come here to take a look at some ideas you can apply in your basement.

If you plan to design your basement laundry room, you should read all of this page to and choose what’s best for your basement area depending on the size, shape, etc.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas with Soft White Color

basement laundry room decorating ideas

Just by looking at this laundry room, you’ll see what’s exactly the designer want regarding the atmosphere. Even though the location is under the house which will be darker than the main floor, this laundry room can still be bright and comfortable.

There’s enough room for everything even though the room is not really that spacious. You can do the ironing, washing, sorting, folding, and more. The designer set up the window in the right place. It gets the natural light get into the basement as needed.

The position and size of the cabinet are in the perfect place. You don’t have to worry about getting disturbed by its position. As you can see, all of the things are dominated by soft white color, there are some other colors existed to maintain the balance.


  • Like I said before, the placement of the furniture is ideal. It’s efficient for a laundry workflow.


  • It looks a little bit monotonous and too crowded too for a laundry room that is placed under the house.

Elegant Laundry Room In A Basement

basement laundry room ceiling ideas

For a medium-sized laundry room, this idea could be the ideal design for it. The feature that highlights this laundry room is the well-organized closet. The design of the closet is perfect to store your clothes, towels, and laundry goods.

That astonishing white closet is supported by ClosetMaid MasterSuite. It features some useful open drawers that would store things you want to hide away from sight. Another exciting feature in this room is the elegant flooring. That’s what makes the elegance of the basement shine brighter.


  • People would love to apply this idea just because of its well-organized feature. That’s what’s important for a busy room like the laundry room. All of the closet parts are useful to keep the clothes after laundry.


  • The only one that bothers me in this basement laundry design is the space for ironing. There’s actually a small space above the washing machine, but it doesn’t feel right.

White Laundry Room With Purple Wallpaper

diy basement laundry room ideas

At the first glance, you’ll already know what makes this room interesting. Yes, it’s the floral purple wallpaper. The designer doesn’t add that wallpaper in the laundry room for nothing. It’s perfect to set up the mood for good and effective workflow.

You can see it for yourself, it really spices this white room up. It’s great to be in this room doing the laundry. The space of the laundry is quite small, but the portion of the cabinet is adequate. There’s only one washing machine which is just perfect for this laundry room.


  • Obviously, the wallpaper has killed it. The shiny white of the cabinet is a good pair for the purple accent on the wall. In addition, the windows on the left side of the upper wall provide a good lighting for the basement area.


  • The size and the design of this laundry room are not recommended for the larger basement. Having such crowded wallpaper design would be a distraction from your working time.

Groovy and Colorful Basement Laundry Room

Groovy and colorful

Maybe, you can call this a laundry room for a hipster. I mean, just take a look at the combination of the colors. All of them is there painted on the wall, and on the rug. It has a pleasant style for the laundry room that combines 70’s feel and contemporary spin.

There’s an aqua glass-ceramic on the wall that gives a cheerful, and brilliant room. It allows the room to go beyond from being ordinary and practical, thanks to its extremely vintage feel. The white cabinets support to strengthen the color that pops in the room.


  • Some people might find this laundry room to be interesting and exciting.


  • The yellow color is somewhat bothering in this laundry room. The room is small, it wasn’t supposed to be added to so many bright and solid color.

Scarlet Laundry Room with Glossy-Red Washer

basement laundry room ideas gallery

The word you are looking for when seeing this laundry room would be “Attractive”. Am I right? Well, that glossy red appliances provide a sensational appearance of the whole room. The grey cabinets and island offer a stylish look of basement laundry room.


  • The only thing that shines the brightest in this room is that glossy red washer. It’s a great idea to create a focal point for this room.


  • Having an island in the middle of laundry area is a bit weird. So, I guess, an island is only made for kitchens, not laundry room.


Basement area wouldn’t be so important if you are not using it the efficiently. Locating your laundry room in a basement is a great way to get your basement area to be useful. The laundry room existence is extremely important in a household. You can design your basement laundry room by applying some of those ideas.

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