7 Smart Basement Pillar Ideas to Make Basement Poles More Attractive

GripElements.com – Basement poles may make your finished basement look less attractive. However, it is almost impossible to remove them because they support the whole structure of your home. Fortunately, you can adopt smart basement pillar ideas to transform the ugly poles in your basement.

In most cases, transforming the basement poles is not difficult to do. You can find many ready-to-use products for this transformation. Some products only need construction glue for its installation. As a result, you can install them quickly and easily.

Seven Basement Pillar Ideas that Will Transform Basement Poles Beautifully

Most homeowners use basement pole covers or pole wraps to transform their basement poles into beautiful basement pillars.

These products are available in many choices of styles and designs. Below are seven pillar ideas for basement that will transform your basement pole beautifully.

1. Stone Basement Pillars

basement pole decorating ideas

Stone basement pillars look good on any finished basement style. Moreover, they have a long-lasting look. Therefore, the stone basement pillar idea above is an excellent choice for your basement pole transformation project.

The owner of this basement chooses to cover the whole pillars with stones. The stones used on these pillars are not uniform in size. Despite this irregularity, the pillars look more striking than regular stone pillars.

2. White Minimalist Basement Pillars

basement column cover ideas

These white basement pillars are perfect for a minimalist finished basement. The design of these pillars is minimalist and modern.

However, they are not plain because the pillars’ floor moldings and crown moldings add attractive details to them. Therefore, the pillars look exquisite.

3. Classic Basement Pillar with a Small Shelf

basement pole cover ideas

Those who want to transform their basement poles into classic elegant pillars can adopt this basement pillar idea. Classic pillars generally have beautiful details along the poles and lovely floor and crown moldings.

This pillar also features a small shelf-like detail. You can place small decorations on this shelf. As a result, this pillar idea can beautify your basement effectively.

4. Elegant Dark Wood Basement Pillar

pillar in basement

Wood basement pillar ideas will transform your basement poles into elegant and luxurious pillars.  This dark wood pillar idea, for example, looks attractive and elegant. This pillar is perfect for classic-style or farmhouse-style finished basements.

5. Basement Pillar with a Table

Basement Pillar with a Table

Many homeowners transform their basement poles into pole tables, similar to this black minimalist pillar. This minimalist multifunction pillar is perfect for basement bars, man caves, and kitchens. Having this pillar will allow you to sip your coffee or beer in style.

6. Square Basement Pillar with Simple Floor Moldings

pillar ideas for basement

These simple square basement pillars look best in a modern minimalist finished basement. To transform your basement poles into these pillars, you only need to cover them with square pole covers and floor moldings.

7. Half Stone Half Wood Basement Pillars

basement pillar cover ideas

Some homeowners think that full-stone pillars are too intimidating. Therefore, they choose to combine the stone with wood. This half-stone and half-wood pillar idea will make your finished basement look more gorgeous.

These days, you don’t need much money to create half-stone and half-wood pillars because faux stack stone and faux wood pillar covers are available in stores. You only need to glue them on your basement poles.

Some basement pillar ideas will make your ordinary basement poles look classic and elegant. Meanwhile, other ideas will transform these poles into minimalist modern pillars or natural stone pillars. Whichever, basement pillar idea you choose, you can use instant pole covers to transform the poles.

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