8 Cool Basement Rug Ideas for Different Functions

GripElements.com – A basement can be any room you want. Some people turn it into a bedroom while others use it as a living space. No matter what room you have in the basement, make sure that you know these basement rug ideas. Choose the right rug so that your basement will be cozier.

1. Match It with The Walls

Match It with The Walls

The first way to make your basement living room look more stunning is by covering the floor with an area rug.

Choose a rug that has the same color as your basement walls. If the walls of your basement have two different colors, pick a rug that also has two different colors.

2. Same Shade as The Sofa

how to choose carpet for basement

You should also consider these basement rug ideas that involve the same shade as your sofa.

For example, if your sofa in the basement has a tan color, then you may want to pick a carpet that has a beige color. This is going to unite the floor and the furniture of your basement.

3. Different Basement Rug Ideas

basement carpet color ideas

Some people have a huge basement and they use the basement as a living room and a dining room.

If your basement has different functions, use different rugs for different spots. For example, pick a light brown rug for the living space and grey area rug for the dining space.

4. The Coziest Area Rug

basement under stair ideas

If your basement is your bedroom, you must find the best carpet. When you wake up in the morning, your rug will keep your feet cozy before stepping on the floor.

A furry rug will also keep you warm when you sit on it, across the fireplace.

5. Different Motifs in One Basement

best rug for unfinished basement

The most modern basement rug ideas are involving a patterned rug. If you have a modern interior in your basement, pick furniture pieces that have different colors but in the same shade.

And then pick a rug that also has a different color. Learn how to mix and match the colors before choosing the rug.

6. A Bold Rug for An Elegant Basement

best basement carpet ideas

If you are looking for a rug to complement your elegant basement, a patterned rug is always the best option. Pick one that has a color that matches your furniture pieces.

A patterned rug usually has several colors, one of those colors should match the big pieces of furniture in the basement.

7. Colorful Carpet for Playground

basement area rug ideas

This one is for parents who are looking for basement rug ideas for the basement playground.

Many parents turn their basements into a playground and they need carpets to keep their kids safe. Colorful puzzles can be the safest carpet for kids since they are soft and won’t hurt your little ones.

8. Carpets with Pastel Colors

cheap basement rug ideas

Your carpet color will affect the look of your basement. For example, if your basement interior theme is pastel but then you pick a bold-colored rug, the room will look weird. Pick a carpet with pastel colors as well to blend in with the interior.

Which one of the eight basement rug ideas above will look awesome in your basement? Pick only the best carpet that matches your basement interior.

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