8 Best Curtains for Basement Windows Ideas

GripElements.com – Some basements don’t have windows while others have small windows close to the ceiling. If you have a basement that has windows, it is crucial to learn about curtains for basement windows ideas. There are many curtains available, check out these ideas before choosing one.

1. Short Curtains for Small Windows

drapes for basement windows

Small windows close to the ceiling will let natural lights get into your basement. The best curtains for those small windows are short curtains.

These short curtains will cover your windows perfectly. They won’t be too long and reach the floor. It is easy to take care of these short curtains.

2. Long Curtains for Basement Bedroom

basement window curtains ideas

Long curtains for basement windows ideas are a beautiful idea. You want your bedroom looks inviting so that you’ll want to stay there at all times.

This means you need to get curtains that have the inviting look as well. Long curtains can also cover the small windows in your basement bedroom.

3. Nice Window Shutters

basement curtains for small windows

If you don’t like the two curtains for basement windows ideas above, then you will probably like shutters.

Window shutters allow you to open them when you need more sunlight to come in. No need to take them off the windows to wash them. Shutters need less maintenance than curtains.

4. Small Blinds for Tiny Windows

short curtains for basement windows

Small basements with tiny windows will look awesome with small curtains or small blinds. If your basement is super-small, then choose blinds that have the same color as the walls.

They will blend in with the walls and become invisible. But they will still decorate your basement.

5. Cute Curtains for Basement Windows Ideas

what kind of curtains for basement windows

This one is perfect if your basement is bigger and has a more fun interior. For example, if your basement is a teen room and the room walls have a bold color, then animal blinds will look awesome in the basement.

Pick blinds that the design matches the interior color.

6. Curtains for Extra Privacy

small curtains for basement windows

If you need more privacy for the basement, consider covering your windows with two types of treatments. Use blinds that will hide everything inside the room perfectly.

And then add curtains that will beautify the room. Choose blinds and curtains that have a similar design or theme.

7. Matching the Carpet

how to hang curtains on basement windows

To ease you in choosing the best one among so many curtains for basement windows ideas, take a look at your carpet.

Choose blinds that have the same design as your carpet. If you use two window treatments, pick curtains that have the same color as your bedsheet.


8. Elegant Room with Luxurious Curtains

best curtains for basement windows

Elegant basements will look weird if you use blinds to cover the windows. Consider using something luxurious like drapes that will touch the basement floor even though they are only covering small windows. Burgundy drapes will enhance the elegance of your basement.

When choosing the best one of many curtains for basement windows ideas, you need to consider the interior of the basement.

You should also think about the privacy you will get by choosing a specific window treatment. This way, you’ll find the best curtains for the windows.

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