8 Basement Wallpaper Ideas with Gorgeous Patterns

GripElements.com – Basement walls are like a huge canvas. You can decorate it with many things you like to make your basement look more amazing. One of the beautiful ways to decorate the walls of your basement is wallpaper. Check these eight basement wallpaper ideas to beautify your basement.

1. Covering All Walls

cool basement wall decor

the basement wall background will affect the mood of people inside the room. That’s why many homeowners cover their basement’s plain walls with wallpaper.

Choose wallpaper with fresh color and a cool motif to make you feel better when doing things inside the basement.

2. Colorful Basement Wallpaper Ideas

wallpaper basement ceiling

If you are planning to use colorful wallpaper, there is one rule to follow. Cover only the accent wall with colorful wallpaper.

Too many colors are going to make your room look weird and it makes you feel uncomfortable. Spread the colors on a wall, on the floor, and on some ornaments only.

3. Wallpaper on The Ceiling

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If the floor of your basement has many colors already, apply the colorful wallpaper on the ceiling of your basement.

These basement wallpaper ideas are going to leave the walls white. Use white furniture pieces to neutralize the colors on the floor and the ceiling.

4. Minimalist Wallpaper on The Wall

basement wallpaper for walls

Create a centerpiece in your basement by applying the wallpaper only on a wall. And then use the wall as a gallery. Hang your favorite paintings as a wall décor or arrange your photos on it.

The best position for this idea is in the hallway to your basement. Add an ornament with the same color as the wallpaper.

5. Wallpaper for The Stairway

wallpaper basement

Make the stairway to your basement look stunning by covering the stairway’s walls with nice wallpaper.

What’s unique about these basement wallpaper ideas is you need to adjust the wallpaper with the color of your stairs. Paint the upper wall the same color as the stairs.

6. Pebbles Wallpaper

wallpaper basement walls

If it is impossible to cover your basement wall with real pebbles, get pebbles wallpaper and then apply it on the wall.

The motif of the wallpaper will make your basement look more natural. Add some natural ornaments inside your basement like a real plant and a wicker stool.

7. Brick Wallpaper

wall background ideas

These basement wallpaper ideas are another natural wallpaper idea. The brick wallpaper is going to make your interior feel more natural.

A huge pot with a real plant, some leather chairs, and an animal skin rug on the floor accentuate the natural look of the basement.

8. Wooden Wallpaper

can you put wallpaper on basement walls

The wooden wallpaper in the picture shows you how to choose the right wallpaper. This wallpaper has colors of wood that also match the furniture inside the room. The mustard yellow color of the ottoman and the grey color of the ceiling can be found in the wooden wallpaper.

Many basement wallpaper ideas will help you choose the right wallpaper for your basement walls. Just make sure you know where to apply the wallpaper. You can use it to cover one wall, all walls in the basement, or the ceiling.

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