13+ Most Popular Accent Wall Ideas For Your Living Room

Accent Wall Ideas – There are a lot of ways to decorate the interior, applying accent wall ideas are some of them. The accent wall is ideal for a large room.

In order to fill up the space on the wall, you can have it accentuated with interesting design instead of leaving it empty and plain.

Dealing with walls in the large room is pretty challenging. If you want to make a difference to your larger room, making it more interesting, well you may wanna take a look at some recommended accent wall ideas on this page.

An accent wall is a perfect way to break up your large room. It emphasizes a stunning architectural feature.

This idea also brings the sense of the extraordinary in your ordinary space. Your space will surely become more and more impressive with accent wall ideas.

Here are 10 stunning accent wall ideas you can explore. Some of them can be done by yourself or as your DIY project, some other can be taken as inspiration for your ordinary large room.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the process of creativity and you can decide which one works best for you and your home.

1. Dark Accent Wall Ideas

green accent wall ideas

This concept is ideal to balance your bright room. If you have a large bright living room or a large room with open glass wall, you may need something dark to manage the room for becoming too dark.

As you can see, this living room has one side of the wall painted in dark brown with two framed arts. That accent wall idea is tying in some darker furniture or accent items for balance. Having simple frames to fill up the wall is a great choice in order to avoid an empty wall.

black and white accent wall ideas

This one is a combination of living room and dining room which has a dark accent wall concept applied. One wall of the room is painted black and the rest of the wall are in the white shade. The room might be too dark without that dark accent wall.

The couch is in black color in order to balance that wall. As you can see, the natural branch that hangs on the wall looks like a perfect focal point for the room. The lighting that shoots the branch creates an exotic silhouette to the wall.

2. Accent Wall Bookshelf

accent wall lighting ideas

For book lovers, there are a few options you can have as your accent wall ideas. Check out this fantastic bookshelf. It’s a built-in shelf that deserves your collection of books. In order to get this fancy looking for a concept, you may have some work to do.

You need to give your book a white cover to match with the concept. You can’t play with the colorful arrangement of your book collections with this bookshelf.

Going with all white for the books offers an elegant accent to the green background. The green and white colors are a perfect blend.

accent wall ideas bedroom

For more conventional touch to your accent wall with books. Try to apply this bookshelf concept. This concept doesn’t require covering, you just need to showcase all of your books on the shelves.

Make sure it has a perfect arrangement, so you can easily taking in and out your books whenever you wanna read them.

Unlike the previous one, this accent wall bookshelf has a blue background. This time it’s located only in the middle right behind the couch which is set to be the focal point of the room.

If you don’t have time to cover your book collection with white covers, you can still get your fancy looks with this concept.

3. Patchwork Accent Wall

accent wall ideas purple

The fabric is an interesting element to be used for your accent wall project. It can make a fresh and funky accent on the wall without wasting your budget. Fabric offers a reasonable price with an amazing result.

This patchwork wall accent is using colored fabric squares to be in perfect arrangement. You can actually make it yourself as your DIY project.

Simply pick a fabric and wrap them around sturdy cardboard or thin plastic or wood squares. Then, attach the squares to the wall in a pleasing arrangement.

easy accent wall ideas

If you want something more decorative to be your patchwork design, you can have this flower patterns on it.

It’s perfect to add femininity to the girl’s bedroom. The pasty color and vintage design of the flowers increase the classical elegance into the room.

This is a perfect design for your vintage girly bedroom. The white bed set looks gorgeous in balancing all the patterns. It’s literary lighting up the bedroom.

It’s a great idea to have this bright white bed set as the focal point to balance the patchwork pattern.

4. Accent Wall Ideas With Heirlooms

accent wall ideas office

If you have a bunch of platter, silver, old dishes collections you want to showcase but you don’t have any shelves or cabinets, this one might be a great idea. Who needs shelves when you have walls to hang the heirlooms.

Just like in the picture, instead of having Grandma’s old platters, silver, and china dishes sit in boxes, you can display it as you accent wall concept, in vintage style.

It’s perfect for your dining room’s wall, but it’s also a great accent wall ideas for your living room.

inexpensive accent wall ideas

This accent wall idea with heirloom is completely different from the previous one.

Even though it’s still using the platter or silver item but it’s now in the same shades of color. So, you may need to use the platter which is painted in the desired color, in this case, maroon.

The red color shades are the accent of the rooms, it’s like the main accent colors. It’s important to match the heirlooms on the wall with the dominant color in the room.

The shades are quite dark so you may need to give some bright color to manage the atmosphere.

5. Temporary Wallpaper Accent Wall

accent wall ideas in living room

This kind of accent wall is a huge trend. It’s also very friendly to your budget.

This wallpaper is very flexible, anytime you want to remodel your accent wall, you can just remove the wallpaper and apply the new one. You’ll have your fresh looking accent wall in a blink of an eye.

This accent wall is not trending without a reason, this temporary wallpaper is a lot of fun. People can play with the patterns and colors to be applied to the wall.

You can have this kind of wallpaper as an experiment for your room. It’s recommended to have a wallpaper in a room that has less real architectural features.

accent wall ideas for small dining room

Another kind of temporary wallpaper you can have for your wall. This one is more simple than the previous one.

A black and white concept of this accent wall is perfect for your neutral room. As you can see this side of the room looks neutral with the gray couch.

That unique patterns would be something to enjoy. The patterns don’t seem too crowded and it’s still pleasing to see. This stunning accent wall idea is a pretty good option for your living room.

6. Temporary Wood Planking Accent Wall

accent wall ideas for entry

Instead of temporary wallpaper, how about temporary wood planking? It’s quite popular to have a reclaimed wood look in a home decor.

Sometimes people need to save their budget by decorating the wall, so they decide not to have a reclaimed wood.

Well, if you really want to have a rustic wood accent on your wall, but you want to save your budget, you can have this temporary wood planking accent wall.

It’s a clever product to serve just what you need. It could easily and affordably add the weathered style to your interior.

accent wall ideas for office

Check out the temporary reclaimed-wood look you can add your bedroom wall with. It can be your holiday DIY project.

This one is quite darker than the previous option. It’s perfect for your bedroom wall behind the headboard.

Balancing it with white bed sheets and walls would be the right thing to do with this bedroom.

How about in other room? Well, you could have it in other room like a living room or kitchen, but you have to keep in mind that it needs to be balanced with some other shades of brighter color.

7. Art-Displayed Accent Wall Ideas

modern accent wall ideas

We already have an idea where the heirlooms are filling up space on the wall to create interesting and antique accent wall design.

Well, if you do not like something antique and old, you may wanna try something artistic. Check out this colorful art in circle frames.

This fun arts would be perfect for your kids or teens bedroom. The colorful feeling would deserve to be expressed in this room.

You can match the color of the wall accessories with the color of the bed cover just like this bedroom design.

accent wall paint color ideas

If you think the previous idea is not artsy enough, you might want to have something that an artist called as Masterpiece.

I think this one can be called as an extreme option for a bedroom accent wall. It’s far more complex than the circle frames.

It needs to be done by the artist himself. I guess it can also be done by an artisan but the result won’t be the same. The gold color strengthens up the luxury of this bedroom.

Although the furniture of the bedroom looks minimalist, the power of those accent wall covers all the things inside the room.

8. Stone Accent Wall Ideas

great accent wall ideas

We already talk about the wood planking or reclaimed wood on the wall. It doesn’t seem to be enough if we’re not talking about stones.

Check out this stunning stones which make your empty wall even more perfect than ever.

You can get this look of exterior veneer inside your house. It gives you the look of industrial, rustic, and cottage decoration.

Adding simple shelves for more interesting looks of this wall is quite nice. For capturing the silhouette accent, you can have those light fixtures to support.

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large accent wall ideas

The most popular space to have your stone accent wall installed is in the same spot as the fireplace. The stone wall seems to be supportive of the fireplace design. It’s like they both are destined to be together.

This stone accent wall idea is similar to the previous idea, but it has different placement and treatment. Both of them has the same shades of color. This one is designed for larger living room space.

9. Accent Wall Tile

accent wall ideas dining room

This one is a glass tile accent wall idea which is stunning and can totally improve your space.

The tile accent wall we are talking about here is tiling the entire wall with gorgeous glass tile. It will give a result of a high-end look. Your space will surely look fancier than ever.

Having a glass tile all over the wall is very dramatic. It’s not easy to have a perfect look at this accent wall.

You may need to hire professional to install it for you. Buying and installing a glass tile may require a big budget. You need to be ready for that.

lowes accent wall ideas

You can go with more affordable kind of tile such as ceramic tile. Instead of glass tile, it would be an option that could not spend a big budget.

This kind of tile is mostly used in the bathroom and sometimes in the kitchen too.

It’s quite rare to have a ceramic tile accent wall for a living room or bedroom interior. That’s the thing you have to consider before installing this accent wall tile.

As you can see, this track lines of colors pattern for the ceramic tiles are saved by the balance of the white furniture around it.

10. Paneled Accent Wall Ideas

accent wall ideas for living room with wallpaper
Using panel is quite conventional for a modern house. But, if you want to save a lot of budget on designing the accent wall, you can have this simple idea. It only requires some strips of MDF. You can get an elegant and restful design of accent wall for your bedroom.

This simple paneled accent wall idea would be a perfect backdrop for your headboard. It also adds a luxurious element to the bedroom.

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