8 Best Bathroom Sign Ideas for Decorative Purpose

The bathroom sign is a good decoration in the bathroom. This element improves the value of the space. You might find it charming with a simple sign which has many styles. If you have no idea about this, some bathroom sign ideas below will inspire you.

The Best Bathroom Sign Ideas

1. Shabby chic sign on the top

Shabby chic sign on the top

The placement of bathroom signs is not always on the wall. You can place the signs on the top in case your bathroom has this part.

Placing a sign can be decorative, so the bathroom will not look plain. There are shabby chic models, such as the words sign with mini vas next to it.

2. Signs on shelf

Signs on shelf

Placing some signs on the wall shelf is a good choice because you can place more than one sign. The shelf in the bathroom sometimes is empty.

With some good bathroom sign ideas, it will not look boring. The size of the signs should be adjusted to the size of the shelf.

3. Farmhouse art sign

Farmhouse art sign

This example is a favorite by many people since it doesn’t only fit the farmhouse-style bathroom. You can have this sign in a minimalist concept bathroom as well. It usually is from a wood frame with old-style paint. The letter for the words on the sign is Latin.

4. Minimalist sign

Minimalist bathroom sign

This sign is minimalist and you can DIY for this project. The art in the frame is printable and the size is only about A4.

Then, you can frame the sign with a photo frame. It is simple and cheap. You can search for some good words that fit your bathroom theme and placement before printing.

5. Imperative sign

Imperative bathroom sign

The imperative design can be a functional sign for the bathroom. If your house has many guests from time to time, the bathroom signs will help them to understand the spot in the bathroom. For example, the sign that tells where to wash hands and take tissues.

6. Funny sign

Funny bathroom sign


Placing a funny sign in the bathroom is also another option you can consider. It will improve the mood and may take the attention of anyone who will enter the bathroom. This funny sign is usually hung on the outside of the door.

7. Rustic sign

Rustic bathroom sign

A rustic sign in the bathroom is a good idea to execute since this is a classic style. The sign might get an old-style painting with some rust-look on the sign. It looks good to hang on the wall which has bright paint such as white and cream.

8. Sketch sign

Sketch bathroom sign

The sketch sign is a simple option to hang on the bathroom wall. You can DIY this style since it is simple. Adding fun phrases for the sign can be charming for decorative purposes. You can place the sign inside the bathroom.

These bathroom sign ideas are the best example to place in your bathroom. You have to choose the best material since a bathroom has high moisture, so it can be more durable. Signs in the bathroom also have aesthetic value for interior design.

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