7 Creative Raised Flower Bed Ideas to Retouch Your Backyard

Raised flower beds have tons of benefits. Besides helping you to control soil composition, it provides extra protection from pests. Not to mention it adds visual interest to your garden. There are plenty of inspiring raised flower bed ideas to make your backyard a new favorite spot.

Raised flower beds are available in various structures, materials, and sizes so you can find one that looks good in your place. The following ideas are so creative that you can’t resist to have them in your garden.

1. Iron Sheet Flower Bed with Wood Frame

Iron Sheet Flower Bed with Wood Frame

Do you have some extra iron sheets from the previous project? Unleash your creativity and transform it into an adorable raised flower bed. This idea is quite easy to work and requires minimum woodworking skills.

This flower bed is perfect to get rid of unwanted visitors like moles or other critters. Set the height and size to your heart’s content.

2. Stone Raised Flower Bed

Stone Raised Flower Bed

Stone is one of the most popular raised flower bed ideas. This sturdy material accentuates natural feeling and it is also super easy to build. Stack stones in a form and size of your desire. If you want to build a higher bed, use mortar to prevent them from moving.

3. Natural Wooden Flower Bed

Natural Wooden Flower Bed

Wooden flower beds are natural, easy to make, and visually attractive. If you don’t have time for a DIY project, there are tons of pre-made garden beds to find in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Available in various sizes and heights, it is suitable for most flower plants including your favorite perennials.

4. Two-tiered Wooden Flower Bed

Two-tiered Wooden Flower Bed

Optimize the space in your small backyard with this garden bed model. The two-tiered flower beds are designed to accommodate more plants.

Made of wood material, it is strong enough to hold soil and plants without breaking your savings. As a plus, you can easily move it every time you want.

5. Mortar Raised Flower Bed

Mortar Raised Flower Bed

If you are looking for strong and durable raised flower bed ideas, this one is made just for you. Mortar garden beds add permanent structures to the garden so it is clearly important to decide the best location. The good news, you can modify it into a nice spot to relax and unwind with your loved ones.

6. Brick Flower Bed with Perennials

Brick Flower Bed with Perennials

Brick and mortar raised beds add dimension to your garden. It becomes one of the best choices for homeowners who need a long lasting and maintenance-free garden bed. You can make it lower or higher depending on your personal preferences.

7. Enclosed Wooden Flower Bed with Wire Mesh

Enclosed Wooden Flower Bed with Wire Mesh

Prevent unwanted bugs and insects from destroying your precious plants or flowers with this enclosed garden bed. It is designed with a wooden base and wire mesh enclosure so tiny creatures like bees, beetles, or aphid won’t be able to penetrate. Your plants will thank you for having this raised bed.

Raised flower bed ideas vary on shapes, sizes, and materials. If you don’t want to break your back while gardening, choose a higher planting bed. Or if you want to get rid of unwanted guest, you may consider the enclosed ones.

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