7 Smart Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas for Small and Large Bathrooms

Towels are an essential item in the bathroom. However, storing them can take up too much space in the bathroom, especially if you have a small bathroom. Thankfully, you can find smart bathroom towel storage ideas to help you efficiently store your towels.

Some of these ideas are extremely functional and efficient. However, other towel storage ideas allow bathroom owners to add decorative items.

Therefore, they can store their towel efficiently and, at the same time, improve the attractiveness of their bathroom.

1. DIY Ladder Towel Rail for Storing Bathroom Towels

DIY Ladder Towel Rail for Storing Bathroom Towels

You can use various equipment to store your bathroom towels. One of them is a ladder towel rail. This equipment is available in many stores. However, you can make the DIY version at home, similar to the one in the picture above.

This DIY ladder towel rail has an attractive color combination, i.e., blue and black. Moreover, it has six tiers so it offers more storage options. However, the owner uses the second tier from the bottom to hang two storage buckets.

2. Towel Storage Under the Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

This is one of the most common bathroom towel storage ideas. Many people store their bathroom towels under the bathroom sinks because it saves space.

You can directly place the towels on the shelf under the sinks similar to the storage idea above when storing the towels. As an alternative, you can use wicker baskets placed under the sinks to store the towels.

3. Built-in Shelves to Store Bathroom Towels

Built-in Shelves to Store Bathroom Towels

These built-in bathroom shelves are great for the master bathroom. The shelves are big enough to store many bathroom towels. In addition, they are space-saving. Therefore, this storage idea is suitable for both large and small master bathrooms.

4. Rustic Towel Shelves and Unique Hand Towel Hooks

Rustic Towel Shelves

If you want to add rustic details to your bathroom, you can install rustic towel shelves. This towel storage idea is simple.

However, you can combine it with unique hand towel hooks hung on your bathroom sink to make your towel storage more attractive.

5. Towel Rails Behind the Bathroom Doors

Towel Rails Behind the Bathroom Doors

This is one of the best bath towel storage ideas for small bathroom. It features three towel rails behind the bathroom door.

You can use these rails to store bathroom towels and hand towels efficiently. Therefore, your small bathroom doesn’t look too cramped.

6. Pipe Towel Rack for Small Bathrooms

Pipe Towel Rack for Small Bathrooms

This is one of the most popular bathroom towel storage ideas. It is space-efficient and easy to install. Therefore, many people love to have this pipe towel rack in their small bathrooms. To use this towel rack, you only need to insert your rolled towels between the pipes

7. Ladder Shelves for Bathroom Towel Storage

Ladder Shelves for Bathroom Towel Storage

Ladder shelves are also popular furniture to store bathroom towels. People love these shelves because they offer many storage options. Moreover, they allow them to attractively display their towels and bathroom decorations.

The ladder shelves above, for example, look attractive with potted plants, rolled towels, bottles, and jars. Therefore, this towel storage idea can improve the bathroom appeal.

The bathroom towel storage ideas above offer efficient ways of storing your towels. They allow you to use different space-saving equipment to store towels. Therefore, your bathroom will be more organized. These ideas will also add more appeal to your bathroom.

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