Bed Pillow Buyers Guide – How to Choose the Best and Right Bed Pillows

Bed pillows can affect your sleep quality. Therefore, having a reliable bed pillow buyers guide will help you a lot in choosing and buying the best quality bed pillow.

And, you have come to the right place because we have tips for buying bed pillows. Let’s see what you should consider first before you buy them.

The Time to Buy and Replace Your Bed Pillow

Choosing the right time to buy a new bed pillow is the first thing you should do. Why? You save more money and you get the pillow when you truly need it.

To find the right time, you should consider your bed pillow’s condition. If you find it becomes lumpy, saggy, damaged or is not as comfortable as before, you must buy the new one.

Also, make sure you also buy a pillow protector to prolong its lifespan. Then, wash it once every four to six months to keep its condition.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

Consider Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position is an essential factor to consider before buying bed pillows. The correct bed pillow type will help you get the best quality sleep.

Moreover, it also reduces neck pain because of your sleeping habit. Below, we have examples of the sleeping position and the best bed pillow type that matches that position.

  • Side-Sleepers – a thick and firm pillow that keeps your ears in line with your shoulders,
  • Stomach-Sleepers – soft and thinner pillow to keep the neck in a neutral position,
  • Back-Sleepers – medium-thickness pillow to keep the neck aligned,
  • Position-Switcher – a plush pillow with a fill that can move around.

The Bed Pillow Fill

The next point in our bed pillow buyers guide is bed pillow fill. You should consider the machine washable or those that need manual washing. Then, you also check the pillow labels to find the files that you need, for example:

  • Down pillows – fluffiest and use cheaper filling material,
  • Down alternatives – soft and use synthetic fill, which is the best for you that have an allergy,
  • Memory foam pillows (solid and shredded filling) – the best choice for keeping your neck in a healthy position,
  • Latex pillows – have a similar filling type as memory foam but are much cheaper.

The Size

Bed Pillow Buyers Guide

The bed pillow’s size is one of the essential factors to consider before buying. The size should match your body and bed size. A bed pillow with too small size will give you a problem and is uncomfortable to use.

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How Many Pillows Should You Use?

Buying many bed pillows might seem reasonable as you will have more options, and it is fun to have many pillows on the bed.

But, that’s wrong. According to the experts, you should only use and sleep on one pillow to maintain your neck position. That will maintain your neck health.

That concludes our bed pillow buyers guide. We hope this article helps you to find, choose, and buy the bed pillow. The right bed pillow will give you the best and healthier sleeping experience.

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