7 Designs of West Elm Daybed with Trundle for All Rooms

West Elm is a famous brand for modern and mid-century styling furniture as well as high-end home decorations and accessories. You can even get a customized West Elm daybed with trundle if you want to.

There are so many furniture pieces provided by West Elm for families around the world.

West Elm has so many products for different families with different lifestyles. Instead of randomly choosing a trundle daybed from West Elm, take a look at the seven outstanding options below.

Then you can make the best decision about the right trundle daybed for your interior.

1. Soft Colored Trundle Daybed for Living Room

Soft Colored Trundle Daybed for Living Room

This first design is a perfect West Elm product for a modern interior. The soft color is going to make your living room look awesome since the trundle is hidden under the main bed.

Your guests will only look at a sofa inside the living room until you pull out the trundle under the main bed.

2. Outstanding Trundle Daybed with Woods

Outstanding Trundle Daybed with Woods

West Elm also offers a unique trundle daybed. This daybed comes with two different materials at once.

The upper part of the trundle daybed is made of fabric, while the lower part is made of wood. If you want to bring some nature into the room without carrying any house plants, this trundle daybed is a brilliant idea.

3. West Elm Oeuf River Trundle Daybed

West Elm Oeuf River Trundle Daybed

A children’s bedroom needs something simple but multipurpose, like this trundle bed by West Elm.

The trundle daybed allows you to attach extra storage at the end of the bed. The visible storage allows your kids to place whatever they want close to their bed.

4. Minimalist West Elm Daybed with Trundle 

Minimalist West Elm Daybed with Trundle 

This isn’t designed for a guest room but is a perfect choice for a kids’ room where two kids share the same room.

The trundle will be invisible during the day, so your kids can play more comfortably. Pull the trundle out at night and allow your kids to sleep on both beds.

5. Simple Trundle Bed for Kids’ Room

Simple Trundle Bed

Trundle daybed is a wonderful solution for a children’s bedroom. This helps you save some floor space so kids can use more floor spaces to play with their toys.

When all toys have been stored in the boxes and kids are ready to sleep, prepare the trundle daybed for them.

6. Mid-Century Trundle Bed for Kids’ Room

Mid-Century Trundle Bed

If your house adopts a modern interior, your children’s bedroom deserves a modern interior as well.

One incredible way to adopt the modern interior design to your kids’ bedroom is by placing this mid-century trundle daybed in the corner of the room. It blends with the modern interior around it.

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7. Chic White Trundle Daybed for Girls’ Room

Chic White Trundle Daybed

The last option is this chic white trundle daybed from West Elm that is perfect for a girls’ bedroom.

The white color of this daybed makes it perfect for accommodating all colors and patterns. For example, beautify this white trundle daybed with mint green and lilac for a gorgeous girls’ bedroom.

West Elm daybed with trundle comes in various styles. Pick one that blends the interior of the room before you go to the store and purchase any random trundle daybed.

Choosing the best design is crucial so that your interior will look awesome and comfortable at once.

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