7+ Best Driveway Edging Ideas You Can Try

Driveway Edging Ideas – The way to make your driveway look beautiful is to give it a certain edging. Some driveway edging ideas are not only used as a boundary between the driveway and the other side of the park.

Its main function is to protect the driveway from being easily damaged and dirty from the ground. The following are some edging driveways that can be used as inspiration for your beautiful home.

Best Driveway Edging Ideas

1) Steel

Steel driveway edging design

The use of metal for edging on the driveway is the right choice if your driveway is made of asphalt. Steel is able to separate the driveway from the ground side, making it look neater.

When it rains, the steel will hold water on the ground side so it won’t spill into the driveway. This material is also very appropriate if you want an easy and fast installation.

2) Lawn

lawn driveway edging design

Do you want the driveway to be in a neat garden? You can try edging using lawn. The lawn used should be of high quality so that the results are thick, neat and not easy to lengthen.

Lawn is able to cover the ground perfectly. So if it rains, the lawn will hold water very well so that the driveway doesn’t get flooded. You can install artificial grass for edging, it’s durable and easily maintained.

3) Belgian Block

Belgian Block Edging Ideas

Create an attractive house concept using belgian blocks as driveway edging ideas. The size of this block is very large compared to other stone sizes.

Installing it as edging is the right step for those of you who have a garden around the driveway. Parks and driveways have real boundaries so you don’t have to keep tweaking the edging.

Belgian block also has a very good function compared to the use of other edging materials. If it rains, then the block will prevent the soil from erosion due to rainwater.

Especially if the ground position is higher than the driveway. You also save more time on maintenance because you don’t have to clean the edges because they are dirty due to being mixed with soil.

4) Brick

Best brick driveway edging

Using bricks is the right solution if you want cheap edging. Brick has a distinctive red color, so it can be used as a border for any driveway such as asphalt or gravel.

Besides being cheap, installing bricks for edging can also be done alone without the help of a contractor. This is an added value and you can save costs.

Brick is usually included in the flat edging category. The choice of this material usually aims to give color to the garden and make the yard of the house more colorful and valuable.

You only need to dig the soil in the edging as deep as the brick size, then place the bricks in a row between one another.

5) Concrete Curb

Concrete Curb Edging Ideas

This concrete curb is the best choice if you won’t change the exterior for years. If the driveway uses light colored material, make a darker curb and vice versa.

In general, curbs have a gray color and are included in the rising edging category. Apart from being a border, the concrete curb function also makes it easier for you to park your vehicle.

Not only the concrete curb, the border for the driveway can also be added with small stones with a color that matches the curb.

These stones can add a beautiful and unique impression to the driveway.

In addition, its function is to absorb rainwater directly into the ground so that the driveway will not be exposed to erosion from the parks around the driveway.

6) Jumbo Cobble Stone

stone driveway edging ideas

Cobble stone is a stone with a large size, so it is suitable for those of you who want clear edging.

Cobble stone is placed lined up and must use cement so that it is more sturdy. This stone is easy to find and sell at an affordable price.

Usually the use of cobblestone is related to the part of the garden so that it can be used to prevent erosion of the driveway.

7) Wood

driveway edging ideas

If you want cheap edging, you can use wood. Use long, sturdy wood so it won’t be damaged by weather or rodents. This edging is suitable for use when the driveway uses asphalt material.

The wood should be polished first and painted in accordance with the color of the surrounding soil so that it looks minimalist.

8) Paved Pattern

Best Pattern Driveway Ideas

Is your driveway using a paved pattern and is it surrounded by a small garden? You can make edging with the category of rised border and made of paving stones.

Besides giving a border with a beautiful appearance, paved borders can also be used for clear parking boundaries. Add the shrubs and flowers to the garden so that the landscape around the driveway is colorful.

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