Best Garage Floors Ideas – Let’s Look at Your Options

Garage Flooring Ideas – If a garage is a part of your home that seems to be very active, well, you might wanna consider looking at some garage flooring ideas to update its design. Your collection of vehicle deserves a better design than it has right now.concrete overlay cost

We all know that floorings are the most wear and tear of anywhere in a house including the garage. In fact, the garage floors receive the brunt of the traffic. The flooring garage suffers from many bumps and materials such as tire debris, oil leaks, lots of equipment, etc.

The clever thing you could do about your flooring in the garage is to cover it up or to pour a new floor.

Most floors in the garage are concrete slabs you can check out from an expert how concrete overlay cost. Just simply pour a new slab onto the old floorings. Don’t forget to put a drain in it to clean it up easy.

The other option is to cover it up. You can cover it up with some available choices for the garage, such as coatings, mats, and tiles.

Well, in this article, I would like to focus on any ideas you can have for your flooring in the garage.

1. Interlocking Tiles Garage Flooring Ideas

garage floor paint colors ideas

A new garage flooring idea would turn your garage into a whole new level. Every time you step into the garage you would feel the power of the room.

You can definitely change the whole design of your garage just by having the floor changed.

Check out this interlocking tiles, it would be a great option to cover your garage floors. It’s made of heavy-duty vinyl, some of them are also made of rubber.

It has an interesting choice of colors you can combine with. The squares snap together in order to provide stability. It’s a better treatment than sticking it directly to the floor of your garage.

garage floor decorating ideas

You can turn your garage into a far more interesting look by playing with the colors that match your personality.

If you have a bunch of Ferrari car, or if you just love the red and black color combination, you may need to have these interlocking tiles garage flooring ideas applied to your garage.

It’s far more impressive than the ordinary concrete floor in a garage. You could adjust any other stuff in there to match with the design and colors of the floorings.

That gray walls could be metal or not, but it’s there to balance up the room.

2. Roll-Out Vinyl Garage Flooring Ideas

concrete garage floor paint ideas

There are a lot of options when dealing with flooring for the garage. It can be chosen based on the materials, designs, and colors.

You can also choose the design of the flooring based on the vehicle you have inside. Whether it’s a motorbike or a sports car, there’s always a good flooring for them.

Take a look at this metal flooring for the garage. It’s the perfect material people can have for their garage.

Some garage designer would recommend this roll-out vinyl flooring for garage floors without a doubt. One of the reasons is because this flooring product is easy to install.

flooring for garage ideas

A roll-out vinyl floor offers a great impact to cover the flooring. Instead of heavy material like metal, you could actually have this light material which is also sturdy and ready to take an impact to protect the concrete floor.

Another reason I recommend this vinyl flooring is because it hides off any cracks and stains. This roll-out floor will gladly cover it up and make it look clean. Just like its name, you can just simply unroll it on the floor of your garage.

Even though the installation is easy, the separation is not quite easy. You can’t cut out and replacing damaged sections just like that. It’s more complicated than that.

3. Garage Flooring Ideas by Painting

repair concrete garage floor ideas

One of the most chosen ways for updating garage flooring ideas is paint. It doesn’t need special equipment or installation.

You can execute this flooring just by using the supplies you may already have on hand. This is the cheapest way to remodel your garage floor.

That’s the reason why people choose this way to change their garage floors. Even though it’s extremely inexpensive, you will face a labor-intensive task with it. There are some works you need to do right before the painting.

garage flooring ideas

In order to get the smooth and clean surface on your floorings after the painting, you need to repair any cracks.

Just fill the cracks up with concrete filler and wait until it’s dry. Don’t forget to clean the floor thoroughly before the painting treatment begins.

After that, you can start the prime and paint. The materials you use for painting should be the one that is designed specifically for floor coverings.

Comparing to other treatment for garage flooring, paint is the least durable option. So, you have to repeat the process three years later and so on.

4. Carpet Garage Flooring Ideas

flooring for garage ideas

At first, I think it’s kinda crazy to have carpet on the floor of a garage. Then, I found out that there is a product called TuffCarpet.

This carpet is specifically designed to handle extreme rigor in the garage. When it’s dirty, you can power-wash it.

It also has the ability to resist staining from the petroleum-like oil products. You can just wipe the carpet clean if you have some oil dripped down from your car’s leak.

The installation is like peel-and-stick square tiles. It’s quite flexible for you to play with the colors and make eye-catching patterns.

cool garage flooring ideas

Even though this one doesn’t have squared patterns, the installation is still the same because this carpet comes in squares. So, It’s still easy to install. For you who has little children, this carpet is quite friendly to the children.

Your children can play around the garage, but you just have to look after them. Make sure they didn’t get anywhere near the hazardous stuff.

Anyway, this black carpet really brings elegance into your garage, and I’m impressed with the clean and simple design of the carpet.

5. Epoxy Coatings Garage Flooring Ideas

garage floor tile ideas

Just like a paint, epoxy coatings roll on the floor of your garage. The installation is relatively easy.

So, it can be a good project of DIY you can do on your weekend. Instead of plain-colored paint, these coatings offer your garage with a variety of colors with flecks.

The flecks give a nice texture to the surface. If you think that boring plain paint sucks, you may wanna add this to your garage floor. In fact, this material of paint has more useful features than the ordinary paint.

cool garage floor ideas

Epoxy Coatings have some resistant features including stains, water bead, and oil. You can easily clean the surface just by swiping it off with a cloth.

That is why this material is a little bit more expensive than a paint.

Comparing to an ordinary paint, epoxy coatings give you more quality product. This product would still look great for years.

You don’t have to install or cover your floor again every year. So, you will save your budget for something more crucial.

6. Rubber Mats Garage Flooring Ideas

ideas for garage floors

This is perfect for your garage. I personally would love this on the floor of my garage. It looks flexible, and durable which is perfect to cover up the concrete floor.

However, the price is more expensive than the epoxy coating but it’s still below the tiles’ price.

For a durable product to cover your garage floor, it’s still affordable. The installation is as simple as rolling out mats or sticking the squares to one another.

You need to find the right rubber mat product for your garage because sometime the low-quality product would let you down.

concrete garage floor paint ideas

Well, rubber material can be a little bit sensitive to heat. That’s something you should consider before choosing rubber mats as your floor coverings.

There are some actually some high-quality product of rubber mats that can handle that problem, but it would be pricey.

I guess, if you don’t want to spend a lot more money in order to protect your floor protection, I suggest you choose another material that can handle heat and damage from oils.

But, you have to keep in mind that rubber mats can protect your floor from any cracks and stains you’ll make accidentally.

7. Concrete Sealer Garage Flooring Ideas

garage floor covering ideas

Instead of epoxy coatings and a paint, there’s some other option you can choose to save your budget when dealing with garage flooring.

This concrete sealer will be perfect for your concrete garage floor. You can just simply sealing your floor.

Your concrete floor that has plain gray color would be much more attractive with that slight sheen from the sealing.

Any previous stains on the floor would be gone forever because of the sealer. I’m pretty sure it would keep your garage floor fresh every time.

garage floor covering ideas

It looks clean and shiny, you can’t find any stain left on the surface with a concrete sealer.

If you are a little bit confused about what sealer you should opt to begin, choose the solvent-based sealer. This kind of sealer product will give a wet look and the protection of the floor is exceptional.

You can also opt the water-based sealer if you want to have a comfortable breathing. It is because this sealer has a better smell than the solvent-based one.

However, the quality of water-based sealer is lower than the solvent-based sealer.

8. Concrete Stain Garage Flooring Ideas

cool garage floor ideas

it’s not like a paint and epoxy coating, you can apply this product in a thin coat. After the installation, you can still see through the old floor. This probably the cheapest and easiest flooring ideas for your garage.

If your concrete floor in the garage is in a good shape, you can choose the natural stone or watercolor look.

So, in order to get a perfect look of concrete stain floor, make sure your floor doesn’t have a lot of spot and splatter.

ideas for garage floors

It’s not gonna be a great surface when the spots and platters are all over the surface. The best thing should do is to deal with those first.

After they are all gone or at least not messy, you can apply the thin coat of your choice on it.
Most of the floor with this stained concrete is last longer than paint.

It is because stain becomes part of the concrete. This kind of flooring treatment would not be a chip off as easily. The natural brown color of the floor would be something that gives a nice atmosphere to your garage.

9. Flexible Floor Tile for Garage Flooring

repair concrete garage floor ideas

This floor tile is attractive and flexible. It comes in a variety of colors that will fire up your creativity. One of the ideal floor for your garages and workshops.

This flexible floor is also a good option for your exercise rooms, playrooms, patios, kid’s room, even around swimming pool area.

People love to have this in their house because of its flexibility and design. It’s also easy to clean and you can safely walk and playing with it.

This kind of floor will allow liquids to drain, so your floor would always look clean.

garage flooring ideas pictures

With this flexible floor tile for garage flooring, you can combine the colors you like. It’s kinda a representation of your personality.

You can actually decide the garage flooring ideas according to your personality.

It’s like adding yourself to the mix of the garage design for your vehicle you use every day, or for your car and motorbike collections.

You can go with a black, gray, and yellow combination just like the picture. Yellow color in the middle might not seem to be useful. Actually, it’s there to guide the car to park in the right spot. So, when you park your car, you can see the yellow part and you park exactly above that yellow part.

That’s why the designer choose yellow because this color is the brightest color among others in that garage. You can always choose another color you like but it has to be in the bright shades.

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