5 Tips for Choosing Best Screws for Metal Roofing

Screws are often under belittled when it comes to metal roofing installation. In fact, these small items play a vital role in a construction project. Screws allow you to fasten the panels to the purlin and keep them secure. Consider several tips below to choose the best screws for metal roofing.

Determine Your Roofing Panel System

Determine Your Roofing Panel System

First thing first, you will need to determine the panel system that is used in your roof. Roofing screws for exposed panels are different from the concealed panel systems. The most common example of an exposed panel is corrugated metal roofing while the concealed panel system includes standing seam.

For exposed panels, the screws and fasteners are sealed with sealant to keep water out. Meanwhile, concealed fastener panels use low profile screws and fasteners. Clip attachments are also used for this roofing panel system.

Choose a Matching Color

best screws for metal roofing

Metal panels are available in various colors and screws are too. There is an extensive range of screw colors that you can find on the market, making it possible to match the screws and metal panels. If you want to enhance curb appeal, this is an important aspect to consider to find the best screws for metal roofing.

Pick Screws Based on the Material

Pick Screws Based on the Material

Considering the type of the metal panel is essential when picking the screw material as using different metals in your roofing can cause a damaging effect. When two metals are in contact and they are exposed to moisture, it may cause galvanic action which results in corrosion and screw failure.

One metal may be weaker than other and catch corrosion faster. Meanwhile, screw failure and corrosion are the culprit of leaking. That is why you need to make sure not to use different material for the roofing panel and screws.

Consider the Right Screw Length

Consider the Right Screw Length

Another thing to consider when choosing the best screws for metal roofing is the screw length. If the fasteners are not able to penetrate the purlin, it simply indicates that the screws are not ideal. The best screws must be able to penetrate through the material for safety reason.

That becomes the question, how much the screw must penetrate into the purlin? At least an inch of screw penetration is enough to fasten the metal roofing panel. But it is not recommended to use screws that are too long because it may break during the installation.

Choose the Screw Head

Choose the Screw Head

Choosing the screw head is also important when it comes to finding good screws for metal roofing. Screws come with various heads. For instance, the pan head has a low profile head, the truss screws has a large head, the oval head has an oval top, and the pancake head has a large bearing surface.

You need different tools to drive each screw head type. For instance, a pan head screw can be driven using a square or Phillips drive.

Choosing the right fasteners and screws can affect the end results. Whenever you are looking for the best screws for metal roofing, keep these things in mind for your consideration.

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