5 Most Intriguing Green Roof Shed Ideas

Green roof is an eco-friendly roofing innovation that uses a waterproofing membrane as a growing medium. It begins to be massively used in urban areas but you can also use it in your garden shed. Are you looking for green roof shed that looks really cool in your outdoors?

The following ideas can be a great source of inspiration for you who want an enticing green roof. Keep scrolling and copy them to your garden.

Flat Green Roof with Wooden Shed

Flat Green Roof with Wooden Shed

Transform your wooden shed into a garden focal point with this flat green roof idea. Not only does it enhance the view of your backyard, but also it provides tons of benefits for the environment. One of the best things it offers is that the living turf reduces the cost of energy for cooling down the shed at day.

Depending on the strength of your shed wall, you can adjust how thick and lush the vegetation should be. The stronger the structure, the thicker living roof you can have.

Eco-friendly Garden Shed with Green Roofing

Eco-friendly Garden Shed with Green Roofing

Having a shed roof garden can be a brilliant idea if you want to entice wildlife in the backyard. This small wooden shed looks perfect with a slightly pitched green roof that helps control water and supply oxygen in your outdoor.

A green roof can make your shed darker inside. Alternatively, you can incorporate glass windows that illuminates the interior with natural light.

Lush Green Roof with Mixed Plants

Lush Green Roof with Mixed Plants

Create an accent of an abandoned shed with this idea. The green roof shed features a customized pergola where you can grow mixed vegetations like sedums, cactuses, and ferns on its surface for natural aesthetic.

The lush green roof adds a natural attraction to your outdoor space, thanks to various colors of the plants. Not to mention it provides much oxygen supplies to ensure air freshness at any time.

Flat Green Roof for Bike Shed

green roof shed

Building a bike shed is a perfect idea to keep your bikes organized. Combining the idea of bike shelter and green roof, this fantastic building can level up your outdoor space. Rather than leaving the shed roof plain, you can grow vegetations and make it lush green to soothe your nerves.

How to make this flat green roof shed is super easy. Build the shelter as usual and finish the roof with a special waterproof membrane to grow plants. Spread a sedum blanket and spread growing medium on top before you can lay the turf.

Green Moss Roofing for Garden Shed

Green Moss Roofing for Garden Shed

Add a mythical touch to your garden with this roof shed idea. Replace the conventional shingles with lush green moss to embrace the nature and add a refreshing color to your garden. This green roof looks adorable, creating an instant focal point in your outdoor area.

The thicker your moss the heavier it becomes. Before adopting this green roof shed idea, be sure to inspect your roofing to figure out if it requires additional support. The shed walls must be able to hold more load from the protective layer, moss, and moisture.

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