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    7 Considerations in Choosing The Best Solar Path Lights

    Path lights with solar energy are a beautiful choice for aesthetic purposes and for security. The best solar path lights are also budget friendly to illuminate your outdoors.

    You don’t have to drill the floor just to use the path lights that are leveraging the energy of the sun.

    Unfortunately, path lights with solar energy are much more expensive compared to the traditional ones.

    But those lights don’t require as much maintenance as the traditional ones. They work with the energy from the sun so you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills.

    How to Find the Best Solar Path Lights

    Compared to the traditional lights, the ones with solar energy are easier to install. So there is no need to hire the professional ones to get those lights illuminate the path in front of your house.

    To find the best option, look at some factors to consider below.

    1. The brightness of path lights

    brightness of path lights

    The brightness of the path lights usually are measured in terms of Lm or Lumens. The solar ones come with brightness level between 2 and 200 Lumens.

    If you want to use the lights for decorative purposes, get one between 2 and 50 Lumens. For security purposes, use ones between 50 and 200 Lumens.

    2. Battery life of the lights

    Battery life of the lights

    Path lights with solar energy are designed with an inbuilt battery that will store the solar energy. It is important to find lights that the battery life is long and will last for the whole night.

    Generally, best solar path lights that are fully charged can light between 6 and 8 hours.

    3. Number of the path lights

    Number of the path lights

    In choosing the right number of the path lights, you will have to consider the size of the area or the garden.

    Fortunately, many products contain multiple path lights in one single pack. Some of them contain 6 lights, the others contain 8 lights, while the others have 10 lights in a pack.

    4. Material of solar path lights

    Material of solar path lights

    Solar path lights are made of three different materials: stainless steel, plastic with high density, and metal bronze. Some path lights even come with tempered glass or plexiglass.

    If you are looking for lights that are more durable, the ones made of metal bronze and stainless steel are the best.

    5. Light bulb types

    Light bulb types

    When choosing the path lights, you will have to choose the light bulb type. Available types include halogen, fluorescent, incandescent, and LED.

    LED is still the best option with the cost, longevity, and practicality.

    6. Safety and durability of the lights

    Safety and durability of the lights

    It is also crucial to choose the path lights based on the durability and safety of the lights. LED path lights are sturdy, durable, and cannot break.

    The ones made of plastic and glass may break and the broken lights can be dangerous, especially for pets and kids running around.

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    7. Consider the warranty of the best solar path lights

    best solar path lights

    You should check the lights warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. Check the warranty before purchasing any item. Many light models are provided with a one year warranty or more.

    Pick one that has a longer warranty so you can count on them for a long time.

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