14+ Captivating Breakfast Nook Ideas That You’ll Admire

Sometimes, you feel unexcited to get out of your bed just because the eating space is not so cozy. That means you should improve your kitchen niche. To make you more enthusiastic to start the day, you must think about choosing the cool design. Luckily, we have had plenty of breakfast nook ideas for any home.

1. Country-Style Nook

Country-Style ideas

If you are a fan of rustic decor, you surely will fall in love with this charming nook. Beige built-in seating gives an intimate and warm ambience. Then, extra storage is your bonus. Whereas dark wood furnitures show a great color depth.

The space scheme itself is kept in neutral palette. You can notice gorgeous vintage French chandelier too. Large window allows natural scenery and sunlight into the room.


Earthy tones offer organic and unpretentious style.

Country nook is full of characters.


In some cases, it might be too kitschy without a balance of new and old stuffs.</>

Antique items are so expensive.

2. Happy Nook

Happy Nook Ideas

When it comes to the alcove design, do not hesitate to go bold. This is the kind of area people will enjoy their meals. Just look at those colorful patterned pillows on vibrantly yellow cushions.

White and brass centre table accentuates the modern setting at its best. Hanging artwork is seemingly aesthetic. A bunch of flowers add pop of color to the room. Once you drink coffee there, you continuously live your fun life.


White area does not look stark anymore.

Decorative throw pillows are affordable.


A lot of intricate pillows may overpower small space.

3. Rattan Chairs

Rattan Chairs Ideas

Do you dream of a serene tropical atmosphere? We urge to give this idea a try. Dark rattan rolling armchairs will lend you a comfortable breakfast. Moreover, windowed doors and pastel blue wall highlight beachy aura.

A huge palm tree quickly steals the show in this recess. Two floral paintings liven up the entire room. And a modular rug goes well with the theme. Indeed, there will be more active family gathering.


It becomes the nice spot for quiet lunch and dinner as well.

Tropical design is really uplifting.

You get holiday vibes from your indoor green haven.


An abundance of palm trees and nature paintings can go overwhelming.

4. Bar-Inspired Nook

Bar-Inspired Nook Ideas

This inspiration incorporates a bar concept into the kitchen. The wooden floor produces a welcoming character. Instead of purchasing ordinary chairs, the homeowner chooses bar-height armless chairs.

Here, a conventional table is replaced by white kitchen island with black granite worktop. Everyone seems to agree that it is so stylish. Plus, it radiates contemporary style to your cook room.


You cooking space is more versatile than before.

This nook is a true space saver especially for those who live in an apartment.

Your kitchen does not feel boring.


Bar-height tables cannot accomodate short people and guests whose back pain.

They are unsafe for children and probably cause injury.

5. Wallpapered Nook

wallpaper nook ideas

When you hate the way your kitchen wall look, it can be your fascinating design intuition. As you can see, this niche is framed by white and black polka dot wallpaper. It successfully introduces an informal touch.

Chair cushions incredibly match with the wall.White classic pendant light illuminates the space in the night. In addition, sunflowers in the vase add some life to your brunch.


Wallpaper can be easily removable.

It is such cost-effective choice and perfect for high-traffic cooking area.

Wallpapers come in nearly limitless patterns and designs.


In a moist space, wallpaper must be regularly reattached.

6. Posh Nook

Posh Nook Idea

Wanna have a breakfast in a lavish alcove? We are sure it is worth designing. You can bring sumptuous elements in your eating area with black leather armless chairs. They are so sexy and elegant.

Turn yours into a way more upscale space by placing a black round table with a marble top. Moreover, it depicts a sophisticated feeling. Surprisingly, the nook works as fine dining bistro in the nighttime.


Marble and leather never get out of fashion.

Their maintenances are not difficult.

Leather furnitures provide maximum comfort.


Leather chairs can stretch over the years.

They are not good option for low-budget person.

Without extra care, they may be a bit dirty.

7. Olive and White

white nook

We promise you will enjoy your breakfast menu with your dearest one in this recess. Olive green wall emanates the romantic setting for you two. A smart mix of brown makes the space more welcoming.

Those two tones fit well with off-white shades. You still have your own privacy while munching your meal. The windows transform your space into something sunny. You and your spouse must feel utterly chilled out.


As an earth color, olive wall freshens your nook.

Your eating room is gonna be breezier.


Gloomier green shades might create dull effect.

8. Industrial Nook

Industrial Nook Idea

If you adore a homey nuance in your niche, go for this rustic design. Hardwood floor injects warmth into this area. Exposed brick wall and wooden stools prove an aesthetic balance.

Since the table is made from black graphite and metal bar, you possibly worry about the lighting. A cluster of hanging LED bulbs and two pendant lights avoid yours from looking shadowy.


Your breakfast corner will be clutter-free due to its simplicity.

It requires minimal furnitures.


Overdoing strong industrial elements is extremely fatal.

For some people, this style is too cold.

9. Stripe Motifs

Stripe Motifs Nook Idea

Generally, building a breakfast recess by the window is quite challenging. Beside making the most of your area, you shall tuck it into an alluring spot. This built-in striped banquette seating fantastically steals the spotlight.

Furthermore, dark wood center table adds a uniform look to the cushion. During the day, the sunlights give proper illumination. On the other hand, the space is stunningly lit by a pendant light after dark.


Vertical stripes make your low ceiling appear taller.

The striped seating opens up an entire area.


Thinner stripes turn your tiny nook into chaotic zone.

10. Eclectic Touches

Eclectic Touches

Whether you routinely take a sip of a coffee or tea, you cannot go wrong with this inspiration. Because appealing recess will throw your boredoms away. Plus, it is not only trendy for you but also for your adorable kids.

Fiery red floral rug, round table, shawl and jars ginger up the room. They adorn the white wall and counter-height chairs very well. Moreover, a wooden ornament and paintings instantly transform yours into a woodland.


Your nook seems to be so artistic.

This idea works awesomely with large space.


Your alcove may feel overly busy with too many decorative elements.

It is not for minimalist flair.

11. A Sense of Bohemian

boheiman style

If you want to break the rules, go for a boho design. Invite a personal touch into your alcove by opting for rattan chair and wicker shades. While giant glass window will give you a good amount of brightness in the daytime.

When the sun sets, clear star pendant light shows its glow. In this nook, fabric rug, throw pillows, and artworks have fabulous tribal patterns. The lush greenery purifies the air and offers you a visual interest.


Boho decor is absolutely exotic and chic.

Perfect theme for the lovers of a laid-back setting.


Excessive use of tribal motifs can be too busy in a pocket-sized kitchen.

12. Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business style

This cook room’s niche might remind you of space from the 1930s. However, there is a punch of modern decor trend as well. You will feel the retro feeling by looking at pine wood dining set.

Additionally, patterned navy cushions exhibit cheerful ambience. The artwork and potted plants spice up kitchen nook in no time. Pine floor looks so naturally tasteful.


Since pine is categorized as softwood, it is more reasonable than the hardwood.

This style has great versatility. You can paint or stain it because of its rawness


It usually appears so plain.

Pine is extremely prone to scratches and dents.

13. Japanese Kitchen Nook

Japanese kitchen nook

This recess highly emphasizes on a black and red theme. When you adopt it, you will be able to drink a cup of tea in tranquil environment. Typical coffered ceiling exudes a special luxury.

For the lighting, the homeowner suspends astounding paper lantern lamps. To evoke a zen-like feeling, indoor bamboo trees are used as decorative components. There is nothing more calming than this zone.


It is magnificently minimalist.

Offers you maximum serenity.


Without adding patterns and textures, it may be bare.

14. White Color Scheme

Breakfast Nook Ideas

Small kitchen? No big worries. Because this alcove can be your brilliant solution. The kitchen island, centre table, seating and stools come in pure white shade. Dark brown cushion and wooden floor deliver a warm contrast to the area.

To enhance the all-white scheme, the ceiling is painted in white too. Then, the white pendant lamps present asa perfect companion. The end result couldn’t be brighter and more open.


Your nook obviously look airy, crisp, and clean.

It is the best design for modern and contemporary enthusiasts.


Pure white is likely to feel bland and uninviting.

After reading our breakfast nook ideas explained above, there must be at least an inspiration that steals your heart. So, let’s do a kitchen makeover!

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