5 Effective Ways on How to Clean Window Screens at Home

Window screens can turn dull pretty easily as it continually receives exposure from sun, wind, and outdoor environment. The dust that spread from inside your house contributes to this condition as well. If you find out the window screens are in poor condition, it’s the right time to perform how to clean window screens.

Window screens can be a focal point in many houses. Thus, if they turn into dingy conditions, it can give an uncomfortable look and ambiance not only for homeowners but also for guests.

To remove the dirt from window screens and make them sparkle again, here several steps to give cleaning treatments on them.

1. Take Off the Screens from Window Frame

Before starting the cleaning process, you need to take off all dirty screens from the window frames. Better to do outside, place the screen on a large sheet or cloth as the next process include water and it may spread everywhere.

Conducting the screens cleaning process in good weather will make it finishes faster. It’s because after all the cleaning treatments are completely carried out, you can directly dry out them under the sun.

2. How to Clean Window Screens through Washing

You can start the cleaning process using a hose spray that has been set in low pressure. Open the spray and flush out the window screens using water. In order to remove the dirt and obvious debris trapped on the screens, you need to wash them thoroughly.

3. Remove the Dirt with Cleaning Solution

Prepare an enormous bucket to make your DIY cleaning solution. After wearing your rubber gloves, mix warm water, and ammonia with comparison 3:1.

Drench a brush into the cleaning solution and use it to clean to screens in small-circle movement. Do the scrubbing from the upper part to the bottom part.

Wash the brush repeatedly using clean water during the cleaning process to prevent dirt from coming back to the screen.

4. Scrub the Windows Screen

It’s important to know how to clean window screens carefully to avoid any scratches when cleaning them. After you finish scrubbing each screen, give them the last flushing with the hose.

To convince you that they are thoroughly clean, you can look at each of them closely. If you still find any stains, only clean that area.

Then, shake the screen to remove the remaining water on them and wipe them using a dry cloth.

5. Leave the Window Screen to Dry

Lean the screens on the wall or hang them somewhere outdoor to let them dry under the sun. For better results, you can clean the windows screen several times during spring.

After they are entirely dry, you can hang them again on the window frames.

There are many methods to clean window screens depend on how dirty they are.

By learning how to clean window screens, you can get more benefits such as it can be less expensive than to ask help from cleaning experts or buying new screens.

Through those steps, we realize that cleaning windows screens on our own comes out easier than we might ever think so don’t hesitate to try it at home.

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