7 Steps to Build a Wargaming Table

All wargamers have rights to access a quality wargaming table everytime they need to play. You may want to build a wargaming table that looks cool and get a site where you can play on more comfortably.

What if you want to get a wargame table but there is no game store nearby?

Then it is time to build your very own wargaming table. A wargame table doesn’t have to be pricey. Even the inexpensive one can be awesome but easy to create.

Besides, your own wargame table can be stored easily when you are not going to use it for a long time. Interested in building your own table?

Build a Wargaming Table Easily and Less Expensively

If you are interested in creating your own wargame table, all you need is a table with 4 feet by 6 feet top, terrain mat, as well as 3D terrain set you can get for only 5 dollars.

Add a little modelling skill and your own wargame table will be awesome. Ready to start?

1. Gaming Mat

Gaming Mat Ideas

You can consider using a fleece mat to be your gaming table mat. Gaming mats can turn the boring rectangular look of your table into a more wonderful and nicer looking wargame table.

Get a plain fleece instead of the printed one. Then you can be creative by spraying mottled colors to the mat.

2. Use Tie Dye Fabric

Use Tie Dye Fabric

If you don’t want to use any sprayer, try to get mats with tie dye patterns. The green one will be perfect for forest or grassland terrain.

And the khaki one will be a great choice to be the desert terrain. Fleece mat is a great choice since you can use it to create hills easily.

3. Create Wargame Table Top

Create Wargame Table Top

You are free to use any material to build the top of your wargame table. But if you want a cheap option, consider using styrene insulation foam.

It is light in weight so you can move it easily when you’re not using the wargame table. But it is sturdy enough and will support some terrain and armies.

4. Prepare the 3D Terrain

unique wargaming

Use anything around you to create a 3D terrain. For example, you can put some books with different thickness under the fleece mat.

Or you can use another styrene insulation foam and place them under the mat and create 3D effects.

5. Create 3D Buildings

Create 3D Buildings

Some buildings like shipping containers or fortresses or the other buildings can be created using any desktop printer.

Print them according to the design you have made, assemble them and place them on the terrain you have prepared to make it look more alive.

6. Set Up the Wargame Table

wargaming table designs

Once you’ll prepare the 3D buildings, set them up on your wargame table. Combine the buildings with the 3D terrain you have created and everything will be awesome.

Make sure there are still enough spaces for the armies to start the battle.

7. Let the Battle Begin

wargaming table Ideas

You have finished the process to build a wargaming table. Get your armies ready and prepare your best strategies to win the battle between you and another player.

Once you’re done playing, store everything easily since your wargame tabletop is portable.

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