7 DIY IKEA MALM Hack Ideas You Can Try

DIY IKEA MALM Hack – For people who like minimalist décor, IKEA’s MALM dresser is perfect as is. However, for some others, the dresser is too boring and plain.

The good news is, you can think of a MALM dresser as a canvas. You paint it however you like. In this post, we will tell you 7 IKEA MALM hack ideas that you can try.

Don’t worry, our hack ideas are not difficult to try. You can do it as your DIY project for the weekend. While the MALM dresser is boring and plain on its own, just a bit of modification can turn it into something totally unique, appealing, and attractive.

Ready to be inspired? Without further ado, here are our IKEA MALM hack ideas you can try.

Subtle Elegance

Subtle Elegance Malm

Just because the MALM dresser is inherently minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t make something elegant out of it.

On the contrary, you can. Simply attach a brass corner brace on each drawer’s corners and a bar pull to it and voila! You get yourself an elegant MALM dresser.

Modern and Simple

Modern and Simple Ikea Malm

Want to make your MALM dresser looks more modern while keeping the minimalist vibe? Chunky handles like the above can help.

Not only do they make the dresser look more unique and attractive, but they are also practical as well. Adding simple legs can help with the modern look, too.

IKEA MALM Hack: Using Decals

IKEA MALM Hack Using Decals

On its own, a MALM is plain and won’t attract any attention. With decals, however, it quickly becomes the center of attention in the room.

The best thing about it is that there are lots of decals available, so you can find ones that fit your style the most.

Color It Black

Color It Black for Ikea Malm

Besides painting, attaching accessories, or using decals, you can also attach OSB plywood to your drawer to make it more attractive.

Creating a contrast like the above is a sure way to bring attention to the drawer. Black is a good color if you want to make it more stylish.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes Ikea Malm

You want your drawer to stand out without looking like a sore thumb. What should you do? Here’s an idea: incorporate geometric shapes into the drawer.

Notice how the MALM drawer above becomes the focal point of the room, thanks to the simple geometric shapes it has.

Beautiful Patterns

Beautiful Patterns for Ikea Malm

Adding patterns to a plain surface is our next IKEA MALM hack idea. Patterns like the above add not just texture but also beauty to the otherwise plain drawer.

Also, since the patterns have the same color as the drawer, it doesn’t attract too much attention. It is beautiful but subtle.

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Green and White

Green and White Ikea Hacks

Combining colors is a good idea too. The dresser is painted green and white. It also has a unique handle on each drawer, which is a nice touch.

The dresser blends well with the white surrounding and green plants, allowing it to compliment the overall décor of the room.

So, what do you think about our 7 IKEA MALM hack ideas above? Which ones of them pique your interest? Whichever they are, we hope the above can inspire you to make your MALM dresser more appealing and attractive. Good luck!

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