Can Sling Patio Chairs be Repaired?

Sagging loose is one of the most common issues when you have a sling patio chair at home. It happens after using the chair for a few years.

You may wonder can sling patio chairs be repaired? You don’t need to throw away the patio chair because you can repair it.

The Way to Repair a Sling Patio Chair

The first thing to do is to remove the end caps from the side rails. Use a flat-end screwdriver to take them off. Cut the center of the old sling fabric from the top to bottom.

You should coax the two pieces of fabric out from the rails. Make this process easier by applying a lubricant, such as a soapy water spray.

Use pliers to get the fabric out from the rails by pulling them from the bottom. Now, remove the spreader bars or the horizontal bars. Feed the splines of your new sling into the hems. Insert the new sling into the top of one of the side rails.

Keep pulling the new sling and tip the chair onto its side. Remove the rail with the new sling. Put the chair back upright and fit the sling into the other side’s rail. Reattach the first slide rail to the other side of the chair.

Tighten the side rail to get tension in the sling while gently pulling the fabric. Ensure that the sling is tight enough to hold the chair. Carefully sit down on the sling chair to ensure that it is ready to use.

The Way to Measure a Fabric Patio Sling Chair

After knowing the answer to can sling patio chairs be repaired and the steps to repair it, you should also know how to measure a fabric patio sling chair to replace the old ones. Check the way to measure a new sling patio chair below.

First, ensure that you are measuring the sling while it is still attached to the chair. Remember! The size of the older slings is different now because it stretches and sags. This trick will help you to get the right size.

Find the top bolt for both rails and measure between these. It is because most sling chairs have a rail on each side. You will get the top width measurement by doing this trick.

Measuring again between the two slide rails. It ensures that the size of the slings is the same. The truth is that the size of the tip and bottom is different.

Now, focus on the top rail to the bottom rail and measure the length. Ensure that you measure it by following the contours of the chair. It uses to know the length of the chair. You should have six measurements, which are the top width, bottom width, and length for each piece. Then, use the data to buy new slings.

The Place to Buy Slings for Patio Chairs

Nowadays, buying slings for patio chairs is easier. You can find this product in all trusted online marketplaces or stores.

Check the specifications of the product to get the right slings. Now, you don’t have to ask can sling patio chairs be repaired anymore. You know the answer and even the steps to replace the old slings.

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