Top Ways To Redesign Your Home & Implement New Furniture

There have been numerous connections made between redesigning your home and how it affects your overall mental health.

One fact that has been supported by several studies suggests how a cluttered home often presents a projection of the person’s mind and how moving furniture, changing the looks of the whole space, replacing the curtains, and letting light in can positively affect your emotional state and make you more mentally stable and satisfied.

Therefore, any home renovation done, from time to time, can only be for the better as it not only puts value on your property but also makes you more satisfied and happy.

As most people have a vague idea of how to redesign their home, we went through the trouble of assembling a little text on the many ideas you could implement.

Placing the furniture further apart

Ways To Redesign Your Home & Implement New Furniture

By placing the furniture further apart, you create the illusion of making it more spacious and roomy. The advantage of such an approach is related to the effect cramped rooms have on us. In recent studies, an unorganized and fully cluttered home has been linked to higher anxiety and stress levels.

It probably has something to do with our ancestors’ living habits, as they often lived in the open and enjoyed the freedom of nature.

Without going much into anthropological details, we can assure you that moving your furniture can do wonders for your overall mental state and mood.

Another impact it produces is an aesthetically pleasing look, as well as the ability to discern details. You may enjoy decorating your living room or kitchen with modest symbols of affection, small status, and plants to make it cozier, but if the space is limited, these minor details are likely to be missed and hardly seen.

If you’ve replaced your old flooring with a new laminate or parquet, hiding it with your furniture would be a crime.

Change the old furniture

This can sometimes be a costly endeavor, however, as more and more furniture is being made, the costs are slowly reducing and there are always the ones made out of eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

However, if anything provides a house a fresher aspect, it’s furniture, because the old one you had over time merely fades in with the rest of the composition, making no difference at all, resulting in a rather depressing and dreary picture.

As a result, the first step is to save money and purchase new living room furniture. One easy idea is to go for something more basic; the people at offer an amazing collection of living room couches made from one color coverings or leather sofas that would look great in an office or a retro-styled living room.

Armchairs are also an intriguing addition to the overall interior design, and perhaps less is more, in that you could try using just one piece of furniture rather than several at once, resulting in a more constricted environment.

We suggest making a contrast between the wall color and the furniture, as dark-light combinations are giving the whole space a more extraordinary appearance, or you could make it contrast the floor and curtains instead.

Decorate the walls with art

Giving the walls a simple paint job is sometimes not enough and can still give the impression of the living room being dull and “empty”.

However, there are several ways in which you can give them a more pleasing appearance. One way is to hang some art, it can be self-made or simply printed and framed.

It can also be expensive art, and colorful to contrast the color wall behind it. Framed posters are quite popular as well, and the motives can range from Victorian-era style paintings to maybe 60’s retro look. Try to hang plants on the walls as well, it looks cool and is affordable as well.

Picking up a theme while redesigning

A theme is a recurring idea, or in the case of home design, a pattern you follow while picking the decoration, furniture, or even wall color.

A theme functions as a guideline, something narrowing down the options to several as opposed to a thousand available. Maybe one style can be “vintage”, “ urban”, “ Mediterranean”, “ retro”, or “ provincial”.

It really comes down to your taste and personal preferences. A theme presents an expression of your inner self and what your scope of interest is.

We recommend choosing one as you’ll spend less time wandering around and more picking up the right pieces of decoration and furniture.

These and many other suggestions can be found in a variety of periodicals and articles, and they all boil down to the same thing: making the most of what you have and blending it into existing patterns.

A comprehensive renovation, on the other hand, would entail replacing everything, which might be extremely pricey, thus, budget accordingly.

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