Can Vinyl Patio Doors be Painted? Easy Do-It-Yourself Steps

A vinyl patio door is a right choice when you are aiming for quality and reliability. It’s made from resin polyvinyl chloride and has been a favorite material for the exterior.

However, because it is heavily exposed to dust and other materials, at some point, it might be fading with time. When that time comes, you might ask yourself, can vinyl patio doors be painted? Here’s what you need to know before painting vinyl doors.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Doors


The best quality vinyl doors have durability similar to wooden doors. It is also non-corrosive and won’t absorb moisture or chemicals.

Vinyl doors are also easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with a clean cloth or feather duster. You don’t have to worry about prices too.

They are affordable compared to wood or steel doors. Vinyl doors are also easy to install due to their lightweight materials.


Besides all the benefits, vinyl doors also pose some cons that you need to consider. Since it was made from polyvinyl chloride, the high concentration of sunlight can affect the quality of the door.

The colors will fade with time and not to mention the structure of the PVC could be damaged. To resolve that, you need to know, can vinyl patio doors be painted?

Tips Before Painting Vinyl Doors

If you are thinking about repainting your vinyl doors, make sure you choose the right colors. A darker one like black or navy would be a good choice. Darker colors have the ability to absorb more heat and therefore will make the paint last longer.

Repainting vinyl doors isn’t a quick job. You need to make sure that it is completely dry before you seal the vinyl paint.

You might also want to consider the type of paint. Oil paint is a big no because it can crack easily. You will need acrylic paint or a combination of acrylic resin and urethane.


Vinyl Door Painting Step by Step

If you want to know can vinyl patio doors be painted, follow these steps. The first thing you need to do is remove the door from the hinges and the handle.

After that, clean the door of any dust. You can do it with the help of warm water and dish soap. Apply thoroughly to the doors until there were no dust left. Then rinse the door with running water and allow them to dry.

Before you paint the vinyl door, you need to apply paint primer. Some acrylic paints product might cover all processes from priming to paint finishing.

After the primer is completely dry, paint the vinyl door with a layer of paint. Wait for it to dry for at least a day, before deciding whether or not you need a second layer.

After you are satisfied with the result, apply the acrylic paint sealant and wait another day for it to dry. Then you can put back the handle and reattach it back to the hinges.

So to answer the “can vinyl patio doors be painted” question, the answer is yes. It is an easy process to do too. You just need the right equipment and understand the step.

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