7 Types of Chair Caning Methods and Materials

GripElements.com – Don’t throw away your old cane chair. Learn about the three different types of chair caning and then you can restore your old cane chair. Many ways are available to cane the chair. But the main ways are the three ways you are about to see on this page. Choose the right way.

1. Pre-Woven or Pressed Canning

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This one is the simplest way you can use to cane your old chair. Buy the pre-woven caning and then start measuring up the chair.

Make sure that you are giving the extra material a few inches around your chair. Remove the chair’s old cane carefully so that you will not damage your old chair.

Before you start caning the old chair, soak your cane first for between 15 and 20 minutes. And then put the cane on your old chair.

2. Hand Caning

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These types of chair caning are more complex than the previous ones. You use this method on chairs with holes that are drilled around the chair’s edge. You must use your hand to weave the strands together.

If you choose this method, you must be ready to spend a lot of time. After caning the chair, make sure that you secure the binder of the cane.

3. Fiber Rush Seat Weaving

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The next method of chair caning is involving strands of twisted paper. You need to stretch the strands over your chair and then wrap them around the chair’s sides.

Start by carefully cutting away the chair’s old fiber rush using a craft knife. Be careful and avoid damaging the chair frame.

4. Pre-Woven Webbing

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Sheet cane or pre-woven cane webbing or machine woven cane or press cane is the easier option to consider.

This chair caning option is the right one for those who have less experience with chair caning. The material comes in a ready-to-weave shape. You can easily press it into your chair’s groove.

5. Strand Cane

Types of Chair Caning

These types of chair caning materials come in a single cane strand. You use this material for hand caning.

To cover your chair, you need to use many individual strands and weave them together. This material is much better for those who have experience with chair caning.

6. Fiber Rush Material

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The last material to cane your chair is twisted paper. This material comes in strands form that has been woven together.

However, the form of this material is nothing like the traditional cane strands. This material is for those who want to use the fiber rush seat weaving method to cane their chair.

7. Chair Caning Cost

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The cost of chair caning varies, depending on the size of your chair and the amount of cane you are using. But usually, the cost to cane a chair is between $70 and $100 for the materials and some tools to cane a chair in standard size.

The three different types of chair caning are using three different types of materials. If you are a newbie in this chair caning, choose pre-woven chair caning which is the easiest method. Consider the hand caning method if you consider yourself an expert in chair caning.

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