Can Wicker Patio Furniture Get Wet?

Some homeowners and designers prefer to put rattan wicker patio furniture for aesthetic reasons. So, how about putting wicker patio furniture in a rainy area? Can wicker patio furniture get wet?

The simple answer is yes. Indeed, you should know the reason why and the best solution to decorate your outdoor area aesthetically. 

The Reason Why Wicker Patio Furniture Get Easily Wet

The main reason is that wicker patio furniture is not a waterproof material. That’s why you would better put this furniture indoors.

Even if you stay in a high-temperature area, you still have to put wicker patio furniture indoors. Sunlight and rain can easily damage the material.

The more water in the furniture, the moisture in the furniture. This condition leads to mildew and fungus that can destroy the wicker furniture. 

The Best Alternative for Outdoor Patio Furniture

Organic patio furniture is not as durable as other materials. Instead of using organic wicker patio furniture, you can use synthetic resin wicker furniture. This product is more durable because it is made from a waterproof material, including PVC. 

Rain will not affect the structure of the furniture. Indeed, you still have to take care of this furniture regularly. Letting the synthetic wicker furniture constantly exposed to the wet condition will also affect the structure.

Besides putting synthetic wicker furniture, plastic wicker furniture is also a good alternative. It is even considered one of the toughest outdoor furniture. 

The Effect of Rain for Wicker Patio Furniture

Can wicker patio furniture get wet and ruined? It depends on the volume of the water and the duration. The longer the duration, the water will ruin the structure of the wicker patio furniture. The material becomes moisture. 

Without proper treatment, the material can crack and warp. It is the same case if you put them in a high-temperature area or area with a high level of UV rays. The mold and mildew start to appear once the moisture level increases.

Then, you will see cracks and warp around the moisture part. The damage process is even faster if you leave the furniture outside without any proper treatment. 

The Best Way to Put Wicker Patio Furniture Outside

So, what do you have to do if you want to put wicker patio furniture outside? Ensure that you are putting the furniture in an area with a shield. The shield can protect the wicker furniture from rain and sunlight. 

You also have to be ready to move the furniture once it rains. Ensure that the furniture is completely dry when it is wet.

The point is that you should put the furniture in the best area. It seems impossible to put the furniture outdoors permanently. The best alternative to durable wicker furniture is synthetic wicker, plastic, and aluminum patio.

You can put the organic wicker patio indoors to keep the structure and durability last longer.  

You can show the explanation above if your friends ask can wicker patio furniture get wet and even destroy it. The explanation helps you to think twice about putting organic wicker patio furniture outside. 

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