7 Wicker Daybed with Trundle Ideas for Different Rooms

What is a wicker daybed with trundle? A wicker daybed is a furniture piece made of wicker that has the main function of a bed and as a sofa. Daybed looks like a three-sided bed frame.

Two sides of them serve as a footboard and hardboard, while the other side functions as a couch’s backrest.

Daybeds are usually made of metal, wood, or wicker. Most daybeds today don’t have any box springs. Daybeds can be used as a sofa that will keep you feel comfortable when you lounge on it.

Where are you going to place your daybed with trundle? Consider these ideas and try to adopt one of them.

1. Daybed In the Living Room

Daybed In the Living Room

A wicker daybed can be a nice furniture piece in your living room. The natural design and color of wicker material will make the interior look aesthetic, especially if the room has a natural or rustic interior design.

This wicker furniture will also match the wooden ornaments you place in the living room.

2. Wicker Daybed in The Family Room

Wicker Daybed in The Family Room

If spending nights with your beloved family is a crucial routine that shouldn’t be skipped, placing a wicker daybed inside the family room is the best idea.

It allows you to cuddle while watching movies with your loved ones or when you spend Christmas eve chit-chatting with best friends.

3. Daybed Inside the Nursery

Daybed Inside the Nursery

If the children’s bedroom is big enough to accommodate another furniture piece, consider adding a wicker daybed with trundle to the room.

Add cushions to keep the kids feel comfortable when staying on the daybed with trundle.

4. Wicker Daybed in A Small Apartment

Wicker Daybed in A Small Apartment

Small apartments deserve aesthetic furniture pieces. Consider using a wicker daybed. Place it in the corner of the room, any room you desire.

Pair it with a minimalist wicker coffee table to make the interior look much sweeter than ever. Complete the daybed with cushions to make it look more inviting.

5. Daybed In Your Home Library

Daybed In Your Home Library

If you have a small home library and you love spending a lot of your time reading your favorite novels inside the room, a wicker daybed will be a nice ornament for the room and will also be a cozy place to read your favorite books.

Add a lot of cushions and a throw blanket to make you feel cozier.

6. Wicker Daybed in The Bedroom

Wicker Daybed in The Bedroom

A bedroom is where you need to be totally comfortable so you can take a good rest.

If there is already a bed in the bedroom, but you want to fill the space with an extra furniture piece, a wicker daybed is a brilliant option. It allows you to take a nap without using the bed.

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7. Daybed with Trundle in The Guest Room

Daybed with Trundle in The Guest Room

A wicker daybed with trundle is a great furniture piece for a guest room. It provides a nice sofa for the daytime and a cozy bed at night.

Two different functions owned by one piece of furniture are about to save the spaces inside the room. So you can place extra furniture pieces like wardrobes inside the guest room.

The daybed is a simple furniture piece, but the trundle that is attached to it makes the furniture perfect for many rooms.

This is a piece of furniture you need to consider if you need to save some space. 

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