Can You Live in the Garage Without Some Risks?

Can you live in the garage without getting some risks? People can pick an interesting place to live. People choose to live in houses, apartments, lofts, and rented rooms. Other people choose to stay in a garage.

It is dangerous to live in a garage. The garage provides shelter from some elements, and a bit of privacy to you. There are some risks that you may get when you live in the garage.

Carbon Monoxide Risk

The first risk is carbon monoxide contamination. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and combustion fumes create it. Cars, stoves, and small engines can release carbon monoxide, and it may influence your health.

People living or sleeping in the garage can die because of carbon monoxide poisoning before they experience the symptoms.

If you choose to live in the garage, then you put yourself at risk. You may use a lantern, and also a small propane stove when in the garage, unfortunately, all are dangerous too.

You better stop living in the garage to avoid carbon monoxide contamination. Can you live in the garage now? Yes, you can if you want to die because of carbon monoxide contamination.

Insulation, Cooling and Heating System Risk

When you are living in a garage, you will not live in the proper place. Your garage is not built with a cooling or heating system.

The garage usually is made with a larger door, it is not enough to block the heat or cold air from the outside area of your garage. You will suffer from cool temperatures or even hot temperatures. 

Bugs and Uninvited Guests

The garage is not the most secure living space. The garage is a room with bad sanitary too. When you choose to live in a garage, it means you share your home with some animals such as spiders, mice, bugs, and also disease-carrying animals.

Some people try to clean their garage, but it is not enough to avoid small animals coming to your garage. Even when you install a better door in your garage, your garage is not enough to block the bugs.

The other risk of living in a garage is uninvited guests. The garage door is easy to break into. It makes strangers enter your garage.

Some people install an alarm system in the garage to avoid strangers, but you will need time to call the authorities. You need to go to other rooms in your home because the garage is not wired for telephones. 

Risk of Fire

The other risk when you are living in a garage is a fire risk. Garages are not wired for a smoke detector. If you have a typical garage, you store combustible liquids and gasoline in your garage.

It puts you in a dangerous place because it will be easy to burn when you forget to turn off the hot place or you forget leaving your lantern.

You will not be able to know the fire in your garage when there is no smoke detector and warning system. Garages are built with limited windows so you will not be able to escape easily from your garage.

After you know some risks of living in the garage, it is your freedom to choose whether you still want to live in the garage or not. You can answer the question “can you live in the garage?” yourself.

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