Windows Completely Shattered? Here’s What You Should Do

If your windows are smashed or shattered, you probably know you need to do something about it but might not be sure what that is exactly.

Damaged windows are not something you typically need to deal with on the regular, and this means you might never have encountered this problem before.

The following will explore a few steps you can take to sort your windows out if they’ve been smashed.

Appropriate Law Enforcement Responses

First and foremost, take care of any appropriate law enforcement responses. If the reason your windows are smashed involves an illegal activity such as vandalism or if the destruction of your windows seems to be some sort of threat, contact your local law enforcement and follow their recommended steps.

If this is the case, they might ask that you not clean up or alter the state of your windows until they’ve had a chance to look at things.

Of course, there are lots of non-illegal reasons your windows might be broken. Accidents happen to both children and adults, and extreme weather can do some serious damage.

Order Replacement Windows

The below steps will help you deal with the damages, but you might first want to order new windows in case it takes a moment for the right options to become available.

If the windows were damaged because of conditions that might arise again, like storms during a windy season, you might want to look into stronger window varieties.

Providers of double pane windows in Denver explain that in windows with double panes, there is a space between the two layers of glass that is filled with a kind of gas that’s heavier than air. This extra layer can also help keep hot temperatures from coming in.

Block Off The Damaged Area

If you have children or pets, it’s a good idea to block off the area of your home that contains the broken window so that the remains aren’t at risk of harming anyone.

This should be done both on the interior and the exterior. If the area cannot be closed off from the rest of the home, have a conversation about safety and seek help keeping children and pets away from danger.

Remember that it’s completely possible for shards of glass to have travelled throughout the room, and it might not be easy to see all the pieces of your window at first.

Clean Up The Mess

Windows Completely Shattered

While you clean, be sure to keep your shoes on to protect your feet as you clean and wear some heavy-duty gloves. Pick up the larger pieces first and then take the broom to the remains.

Once you’ve swept up the noticeable pieces, with your gloves still on, take a damp rag or paper towel (that can be thrown away) and wipe down the area where the glass has landed; this can help you catch teeny fragments that still remain in your home.

When throwing away the glass, be sure to put it in a container that will prevent it from cutting open the garbage bags or anyone who will be handling the garbage bags.

If someone comes to collect your garbage or recycling, you can also leave a note for them letting them know there’s broken glass within.

Replace Windows

This is something you can do with the help of a specialist or by yourself if you feel capable and the window is easily accessible. Make sure that you dispose of old windows according to the regulations in your area.

The above information should help you handle any broken window issues. It’s a good idea to trim trees that are nearby your home as these can break during storms and contribute to window damage.

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