7 Ceiling Texture Types for Different Interior Designs

Among so many ceiling texture types, there are seven most recommended texture types. Smooth texture for example is a perfect texture if you really need a ceiling that requires the lowest maintenance.

Some others look more beautiful than the smooth one but require higher maintenance as well. Here are the seven highly recommended ceiling textures that are going to renew the look of your interior.

Best Ceiling Texture Types

Smooth or Flat Ceiling Texture

Flat Ceiling Texture Types

For house with sheetrock ceilings, smooth ceiling is the best option to apply. Smooth ceiling comes with an understated and classic look.

Smooth ceiling is a perfect choice if you don’t want the ceiling to be your focal point. Unfortunately, a smooth ceiling requires more work. Add layers to hide imperfection.

Skip Trowel Drywall Ceiling Texture

Skip Trowel Drywall Ceiling Texture

This is one famous ceiling texture that gives dimension with the subtle look. Apply this skip trowel texture using the coarse sand along with the joint compound.

Use the trowel to spread compound that will create the subtle texture. Use this texture to get a classy and low key ceiling.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture Types

Knockdown Ceiling Texture Types

This ceiling texture looks similar with skip trowel texture. Get this texture by spraying your ceiling with the watered down compound.

The compound will drip a bit when it partially dries. When the stalactites appear, you must scrap them away to create a knockdown texture that looks like a skip trowel.

Orange Peel Ceiling Texture for Modern Home

Orange Peel Ceiling Texture

Just like its name, this ceiling has the texture of orange peel. The texture of this ceiling looks soft but a little bumpy.

Get the texture by spraying the compound onto your ceiling. Compared to the third ceiling texture above, this one is more subtle and smoother, perfect for modern houses.

Unique Swirled Ceiling Texture

Unique Swirled Ceiling Texture

Swirled ceiling texture has a unique look for your interior. This texture consists of the pattern of half or full circles that are created by swirling your sponge or tool through your compound before the compound sets.

Swirled texture is the best vintage ceiling texture types for a traditional house.

Popcorn Ceiling Texture Idea

Popcorn Ceiling Texture Idea

You can find this ceiling in homes that were built in the 90s. This ceiling has a bumpy look that is rough. It looks like cottage cheese.

This texture is the most cost effective way to create a uniform ceiling look very quickly. Unfortunately, this ceiling texture requires high maintenance.

Stomp Knockdown Ceiling Texture

ceiling texture types

Make this ceiling texture by using the roller and stomp brush. First of all you must stomp your brush into your drywall mud that is applied on your ceiling surface.

Press that brush gently all across your ceiling then use the knockdown knife to smoothen out high spots or peaks.

All of those ceiling texture types are going to create a different look to your interior. Some of them can even help you hide some imperfections that appear on your interior ceiling.

If you have less time to take care of your textured ceiling, pick texture that requires low maintenance.

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