How To Renovate Your Home on a Budget

It’s easy to let your house become old-fashioned and run down, and although it may be tempting to renovate it top to bottom, the costs attached to this might be putting you off. Well, don’t let it put you off any longer! Read on for five ways to lower the price of renovation and make your house look better than new, without the hefty price tag.

Do It Yourself

Good old DIY is a popular choice, and for good reason – doing things yourself rather than hiring someone to do it for you can save you a lot of money, especially when it comes to the rates of service charges nowadays.

It might feel a bit daunting to take on such big projects yourself, even if you’re used to doing a bit of odd DIY around the house, but if you’re feeling uncertain and want some pointers on how to do it right, there a ton of courses from experts available.

Once you’ve managed to get your qualifications and learn the skills you need, you can take on countless jobs around the house – plastering, tiling, electric wiring, you name it! You’ll save tons of money on both materials and the cost of hiring people, and you’ll be able to sit back at the end of it and admire your own handiwork. Sounds like a win-win!

It’s All In The Planning

Before you even get started, you need to make sure you have a good plan. This allows you to be able to cost out your whole project, meaning you can find where cuts can be made, as well as find the cheapest method for each section.

It’s also good to design a blueprint, and if you’re making major changes to the house layout, a list of where the most cost effective places to fit rooms too. Make sure you have a budget and stick to it; don’t overpay on the kitchen when you need money for the rest of the home as well.

Also make sure that budget includes extra money – renovations always cost more than you expect, so be prepared for any extra costs.

If you are going to hire people, make sure you look at these costs well in advance. Compare quotes and estimates and use this to your advantage – don’t be afraid to barter as you may find you’ll get a better price. After all, competition is always fierce, and a reduced price is better than nothing.

Consider also whether you’ll need to hire a construction team, or if you’ll need to work with an architect – these are also factors you need to take into account, so try to scout out your options and make the call that gives you the best value for money.

Cut Costs On Fittings

A lot of the money for renovation projects actually ends up going to the fittings in the house – more so than you may realise. Your best bet for getting the most for your money when it comes to fitting the kitchen is to opt for cheaper units, and invest more in the work surfaces and tiling; this will help your kitchen look modern and stylish without having to pay out for everything.

You can cut expenses in the bathroom, too – there’s no need to tile the entire room, and actually, only tiling areas that need to be waterproofed (such as the shower) can save you a lot of money (trust us, it adds up).

A simple white tile looks clean without costing much; if you really want a splash of colour, look to add in accessories such as some waterproof wallpaper on the other walls, or a large mirror.

One thing you shouldn’t cheap out on, though, is taps. Think about it – good looking taps can really change your sink, and notch up your bathroom’s quality, too.

If you invest in taps and showerheads that save water, this is a fantastic selling point if you’re looking to sell your house on, either now or in the future. With the rising concerns for the environment, things like saving water are becoming a for many homeowners, and so water-saving facilities will really buy over any potential buyers.

Shop Around for Furnishings

Assuming you’re renovating your whole house, you’re going to want to invest in some new furnishings – there’s no point doing up the house, only to fill it back up with outdated furniture! This doesn’t mean going to the top high street brand, though – you can get good deals on still high quality furnishings at other places, so it’s worth shopping around.

We recommend checking out any auction houses, as these often showcase items of particular value for whatever the highest bid is – if there’s no competition, this means you can get a very good deal indeed.

You can also check out architectural salvage yards and charity shops – although these will be second hand, you can be sure they’ll be in good nick, and you can find some really valuable gems by shopping around a little.

If you’re really short on cash, our top tip is opting for a minimalist approach. Minimalism is very on trend and can save you spending tons on items which will only clog up the space anyway.

This is especially for those looking to sell the property once it’s renovated – it’ll give potential buyers a better view of how the house will turn out once they’ve moved their things in, and gives the rooms a cleaner, neater look.

Don’t Overdo It

Just because you’re doing some renovations doesn’t mean you need to rip out every unit and rebuild every wall. Think about whether the layout works for you, and if there’s enough storage space. Even changes like these can be done with less altering than you might at first think; take your time to plan it carefully and think about the most efficient way to go about it.

If you’re happy with the layout, don’t then change it – keep it as it is, and instead, refresh the smaller things, like the doors, the worktops, the sinks, and handles. This will give your kitchen that clean, fresh look, without needing to take everything out and start from scratch.

If you’re planning on hiring a construction team, you also need to consider just how complicated your job is. If you give the head builder lists of complicated, uncommon tasks, the price will bump up massively as there’ll need to be money put into training and learning how to do it. Instead, try to find methods that are widely used and things that are simple – sometimes, the simplest of jobs can make a world of difference.

Following this guide, you’ll be able to cut down the expensive cost of renovation and start creating the house of your dreams. It may take time, but eventually, you’ll be able to step back, admire your handiwork, and feel a sense of pride you can only get from big projects like these.

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