Custom Furniture 101: Everything You Need to Know

It can be difficult to find a piece of furniture that meets your aesthetic likes and practical needs, and all while fitting comfortably into your home.

For these reasons, you may be looking to have a piece of custom furniture made for a specific purpose or place. If this is the case, you might be unsure where to begin. Read on as we break down everything you need to know about ordering custom furniture.

What Exactly Is Custom Furniture?

What Exactly Is Custom Furniture

Ultimately, when you commission a custom piece from a furniture maker, you can decide the size, style, wood type and stain finish. This empowers you to create something that not only works for your home, but excitingly, something truly unique to you — there’s nothing else exactly like it!

How Do I Know What Wood to Choose?

Different types of wood are suited to different products — for example, hardwoods are best suited to wardrobes and dressers: items that hold a lot of weight. A designer will be able to guide you best based on the availability of different types of wood, and the piece’s functionality.

You may also want to embrace locality. For example, if you’re looking for custom wood furniture in Ottawa, you might want to lean into wood that’s local to the Ottawa area, like maple.

Where Do You Get Custom Pieces Made?

Where Do You Get Custom Pieces Made

There are lots of wood crafters who are ready to step in! You can look online and partner with someone in a different country if you wish. Before you get started, check for credible reviews, testimonials, and years in business. Ask for photos of other custom pieces to ascertain the quality and the company’s ability to meet your needs.

It’s also worth inquiring about the process. Can they keep you abreast of the design and fabrication process from beginning to end through photos and video calls if visiting in person is not an option?

Check Delivery Specifications

Ordering a luxurious and decadent four-poster is all well and good until it arrives and you can’t get it through the front door. Whoops! To avoid day-of-delivery disappointment, take measurements of door jams and talk with the craftsperson to see how the piece will arrive and, if necessary, if it can be delivered in sections.

Don’t Be Sticker Shocked

Custom Furniture 101

Last, don’t be surprised by the price. A custom piece takes many, many(!) hours of conceptual design, the sourcing of materials and labour itself — not to mention the cost of the wood and hardware.

Keep in mind that while the price may seem steep at first, you’ll have a handcrafted piece that’s entirely made for you, and with the proper care, it will be in your family for decades to come.

The Takeaway

A piece of custom furniture is a fantastic solution if you have an unusually shaped room, you’d like something to match another furniture piece, or you simply want something that’s uniquely yours.

Don’t be intimidated by the steps involved; with the right team of craftspeople, it will be a fantastic experience with results to match.

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