7 Low-Maintenance Trees for Backyard Privacy

Planting lush green and fast-growing trees in the backyard can make your outdoor space more secluded. Not only do they screen a view, but they also provide color, shade, and freshness.

Here are perfect trees for backyard privacy that you can use for natural fencing.

1. Lush Green Leyland Cypress Tree

Lush Green Leyland Cypress Tree

Leyland cypress can create a dense natural fence in your backyard. The unpruned, fully grown trees can be 70-ft high, allowing you to skip wooden or metal fence. This blueish-green tree is fairly drought-tolerant and easy to maintain.

Leyland cypress grows best in an area with well-draining soil and partial to full sunlight. Regular pruning may be needed to keep them in a good shape.

2. Beautiful Cone-shaped Arborvitae

Beautiful Cone-shaped Arborvitae

Arborvitaes rank the top position among low maintenance trees for backyard privacy. The cone-shaped trees grow fast and they can reach up to 15-ft tall when fully grown. The trees offer instant privacy and you will find them an adorable addition in the backyard.

3. Nellie Stevens Holly

Nellie Stevens Holly

If you are looking for a tolerant shrub tree to fence off your garden then Nellie Stevens Holly has you covered.

These evergreen trees for backyard privacy can reach up to 25-ft high if you leave it unpruned. Their natural pyramidal shape creates an aesthetic look in your space.

Nellie Stevens Holly can withstand harsh environment including the hot summer. It grows happily in zones 6 to 9 with partial to full sunlight.

4. Fast-Growing Tricolor Willow

Fast-Growing Tricolor Willow

Tricolor willows grow super-fast. It can be both a shrub and a tree depending on how you treat it. If you want it to screen your garden, you can leave in shrubs with regular pruning to maintain a good shape. When left unpruned, the tree can reach up to 10-ft tall.

Tricolor willows are characterized by pink highlights that comes from the new growth. It also has long arching branches that make it look dense.

5. Forsythia for Backyard Fence

Forsythia for Backyard Fence

Trees for backyard privacy are not always tall and big. For your smaller backyard, forsythia can be a perfect option.

The trees are compact that make it ideal for a narrow space. What’s more, they look vibrant with yellow flowers that emerge in early spring.

Forsythia is suitable for zones 4 to 8. Be sure to choose the newer varieties that come in a more compact size.

6. Thundercloud Plum Tree

Trees for Backyard Privacy

Despite the name, thundercloud plum tree doesn’t bear fruit. It gets its name from the purple leaved that looks like a plum. The fully grown tree can reach 20 feet with dense, unique-colored leaves to obstruct a view and attract eye to the backyard

Thundercloud plum trees require full sun and regular watering, especially during the first year. It is suitable for zones 5 to 9.

7. Adorable Viburnum Tree

Adorable Viburnum Tree

Viburnum is a tree you shouldn’t skip when it comes to creating a natural fence in the backyard. Available in diverse varieties, you can choose from petite dwarf to the large one. It has beautiful white flowers that can add more colors in your garden.

Finding the right trees for backyard privacy is not a difficult task. There are so many options from the fast-growing tricolor willows to the tall arborvitae. Choose one that meets your taste.

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